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And finally... sweet success for Lyle's Golden Syrup

The famous Lyle's Golden Syrup tin, familiar to millions of UK consumers, has been named by the Guinness World Records as the world's oldest branding.

Pan Sino establishes Singapore's largest cocoa bean plant

Cocoa bean producer Pan Sino International has announced plans to build Singapore's largest cocoa processing plant, increasing cocoa bean supply for manufacturers.

Danisco invests in future of confectionery

Danisco Flavours has opened a new confectionery facility in Belgium in order to experiment with new combinations of texture, taste and functionality.

Ethical mint chocolate tastes Divine

UK Fairtrade chocolate company, Divine, has launched a new variety of its signature chocolate bar in a bid to further entice consumers into the ethical cocoa market.

Tate & Lyle CEO to be voice of UK's food sector

Tate & Lyle chief executive Iain Ferguson's appointment as president of the UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) comes at a critical time for the industry.

EU to remove restrictions on packaging sizes

Companies will soon have the freedom to choose the size of packaging they use for most oftheir products, after a set of restrictive rules were abolished yesterday by EU ministers.

Weekly comment

When vegetables become victims

The demonisation of spinach following last week's E.coli outbreak could give salad-dodgers the excuse they have been looking for to skimp on their recommended five to nine portions of fruit...

UK support for sugar reform revealed

The UK's food and farming minister has revealed how almost £500 million of additional support for sugar reform will be incorporated within the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) over the next...

Mexican sugar substitute makes it to UK shelves

Diabetics and weight watchers are set to benefit from the release of a new natural alternative to sugar going on sale in leading UK retailer Tesco this week.

Cocoa growers complain over lack of pesticides

Cocoa production could be set for a downturn after farmers in Cameroon claim they are under-supplied with the necessary pesticides.

Nestlé shifts Smarties production

Major restructuring for Swiss based confectionery company Nestlé has cost 645 jobs in England as the company prepares to move production of some of its core brands.

Danisco announces ingredients shake-up

Changes to Danisco's ingredients division will lift the EBIT margin for the segment to above 15 per cent, according to the firm's announcement of Q1 2006/07 results.

Real Good Food record real good sugar sales

Following the acquisition of sugar supplier Napier Brown Foods, UK bakery firm Real Good Food Company (RGFC) has seen turnover increase more than five-fold - despite the impact of the...

Sweet market turns sour for smaller confectioners

Tough trading conditions in the confectionery industry have forced UK group, Lees Foods, to look at ways of diversifying - highlighting the tactics smaller sweet makers must adopt to ensure...

Natural protection for sugar industry

US scientists think they may have found a natural alternative to pesticides used by sugar beet growers to fend off their biggest enemy - the sugar beet root maggot.

Chocolate technology on display

Manufacturers are lining up innovative processing equipment to attract confectioners at the upcoming international baking trade fair, the IBA.

GM bacteria key to cheaper xylitol production?

GM bacteria that eat hemicellulose in corn fibre could be used as a new, biobased method of making xylitol, a mint-flavoured sweetener used in chewing gum.

Weekly Comment

The functional food fudge

In today's competitive food industry, healthy products mean healthy sales but the scramble to keep up with the obesity backlash can have dangerous repercussions.

Godiva invests in growth

Confidence in growing sales has led chocolate maker Godiva, to continue its relationship with administrators Accretive Commerce.

Chocolate lovers go straight to the source

Swiss chocolate maker Lindt & Sprungli is the latest company jumping on the trend for greater consumer transparency in cocoa sourcing.

'Green' consumers push for organic cocoa

The burgeoning organic chocolate market is taking off thanks to an increase in ethical consumerism and the willingness of confectionery makers worldwide to exploit the trend.

Cadbury's tax win signals opportunity for multinationals

An EU court ruling in favour of Cadbury opens the door for multinationals to shop around the bloc for the lowest tax rates.

Godiva sweetens Campbell sales

Godiva chocolates have proved sweet for the Campbell Soup Company as the food group noted a significant increase in sales this year - pointing to increased demand for luxury confectionery.

ADM expands European cocoa sector

Ingredients manufacturer Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has increased its chocolate production in Europe with the takeover of a plant in England.

Sweet makers worry over sugar reform

Confectioners are wary of price hikes following the decision by major UK sugar processor British Sugar to pay beet growers more than the EU minimum.

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