Mastertaste launches novel nutrient-rich flavor

By Stephen Daniells in Las Vegas

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New Jersey-based Mastertaste used SupplySide West to formally
launch its new NutraFlavor range, designed to provide intense fruit
flavor and pack a nutrient-rich punch.

The flavors, obtained using a patent-pending process, are extracted from the seeds of so-called superfruits, like cranberry and grape, and allow formulators to tap into the health and wellness trend. According to the company, the high nutrient content of the flavors, including omega-3 ALA and omega-6 linoleic acid and antioxidants, opens up the door for manufacturers to potentially make health-related claims. "In addition to an excellent overall flavor profile and flavor impact, Mastertaste NutraFlavors deliver high levels of valuable nutrients as an integrated part of the flavor system,"​ said Markus Eckert, Mastertaste's vice president of technical for flavors. The launch in Las Vegas only applies to cranberry, but grape is "almost ready",​ and this will be followed shortly by extracts from kiwi seeds and pomegranate. By extracting from the seeds of the fruit, the extracts are rich in nutrients such as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and tocotrienols and tocopherols (forms of vitamin E). Moreover, "the omega-3 and omega-6 do not need to be labeled as a supplement because they are already in the fruit,"​ Primo Bader, vice president strategic marketing at Mastertaste told Officially company documents show that the cranberry flavor is WONF (with other natural flavors), and two grams of powder delivers about 100 milligrams of each ALA and linoleic acid. The same amount also offers a good antioxidant dose (200 ORAC units). "Studies have shown that these amounts are considered the ideal ratio for human consumption,"​ said Bader. The flavors are avilable in numerous physical forms, such as freeze-dried crystals, spray-dried powders, and emulsions. They are also free of artificial colors, solvents, chemically-modified food starches, and synthetic preservatives. The unique extraction process is also reportedly being extended beyond fruits to include vegetables, teas, spices, and herbs. The launch follows hot on the heels of Mastertaste's creation of new technology to reduce salt and sugars in food and give manufacturers the option to create new and healthier alternatives to existing product lines. According to the company the technology works by enhancing taste perception, thereby allowing reduced levels of sodium and sweeteners to be used in products and giving them a healthier profile.

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