News briefs: Healthy cocoa and confectionery games

By Charlotte Eyre

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Cocoa made with Chinese herbs is launched in the US; and two new
games bring an extra layer of fun to chocolate and snacks.

Fortified cocoa fights colds, manufacturer claims ​A new cocoa product with added Chinese herbs can help protect against colds and flu, the manufacturer claims. According to Enerhealth Botanicals, Cocoa Mojo is the first product of its kind to contain Cordyceps, traditionally used to treat respiratory disorders and chronic fatigue, as well as Ganoderma, which strengthens the immune system. "Since most consumers are fighting colds and flue during the winter months it makes sense to provide a healthier herbal hot cocoa that boosts immune systems during the flu season,"​ the US based company said. The product is totally natural, the company added, as the cocoa is organic and sweetened with Rapadura, a sugar cane crystal sweetener. Cocoa has for some time been promoted as health benefits, with nutritional experts claiming the product lowers cholesterol, boosts blood flow and reduces hypertension. According to Barry Callebaut scientist Hans Vriens, chocolate contains 750 different components identified by the company, of which 230 can contribute to better human health - be it antioxidant capacity, brain health, relaxation or any number of other benefits. New board game gives positive spin to confectionery ​ Eat It!'s new trivia game, re-launched this week for the Christmas season, explores the fun and nostalgic side to chocolate, candy and snacks, providing a real marketing boost for manufacturers. First launched on the market three years ago, the Eat It! company's new board game grew from an idea that there should be a fun trivia game on chocolate, candy and sweets, as it is a topic everyone knows and can enjoy, chief executive officer Tim Ash told During the game, players must respond correctly to questions such as "What fruity, chewy candy was originally called the Dancing Bear?" before moving around the board. This game has been such a success in the US that several companies have this year agreed to provide vouchers, worth approximately $5, for this year's version that can be exchanged for various confectionery products. "Most companies agreed to get involved straight away, as they like being associated with the fun side of confectionery,"​ Ash said. "This game has nothing to do with anything like obesity, calories or trans fats." ​ If the game again proves popular this Christmas - 50,000 examples have been sold to date - next year's edition will include game pawns shaped like confectionery and snacks products, as part of "the third phase of our branding strategy", Ash said. Fairtrade launches online cocoa game ​Dubble Fairtrade chocolate has announced the winner of its DubbleClick computer game competition, designed to promote ethical chocolate buying amongst children in the UK. The winning Chocamonkey game, created by 13 year old Grace Conium, requires players to help a monkey character collect cocoa beans through several different levels, and then finally sell them to a Fairtrade stall. "DubbleClick was a big success - giving young people a great opportunity to put their game expertise to good use…..focusing on a Fairtrade theme,"​ said Dubble spokesperson Sara Barron. The game will be officially launched 14 December, and the company hopes that young players will pass on the links to their friends. Chocomonkey has already been forwarded along the Fairtrade supply chain, Barron said, from the children of Ghanaian cocoa farmers to leading figures from retailers Sainsburys, Co-op and Oxfam.

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