Mintel's new club promotes packaging innovation

By Linda Rano

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Mintel Research Consultancy is launching a packaging innovation
club for businesses involved in the fast moving consumer goods
(FMCG) packaging industry.

The Packaging Appreciation Club has been introduced by Mintel's bespoke research division because, says the company, "in today's design conscious world, the packaging of a product is now just as important as what's inside​." Helen Osman of Mintel said that the club was also set up in response to clients' requests for examples of innovative packaging that used new formats, designs or materials. A spokesperson for Mintel explained to that the club was open to any business of any size involved in the FMCG packaging industry. Each quarter club members will be sent a selection of new products from around the world "each with a pack design that really stands out from the crowd​". The products will be accompanied by a short presentation explaining why they have been chosen and how the packaging ideas can be adapted to work for different products and markets. The spokesperson confirmed that each product is selected from Mintel's New Products Database which monitors product innovation worldwide in the consumer packaged goods markets. The spokesperson explained that Mintel employs thousands of shoppers around the world who look out for new products and innovations. These are sent to offices in Chicago and London and the details are entered on the database. Over 650 new products are added to the database every day. This level of research means Mintel is ideally placed to recognise new trends and can "pick out those products that really are breaking the mould when it comes to packaging​", the researchers claim. A pilot scheme was run alongside another Mintel club which focuses on product innovation. Mintel says that from the products sent to companies in the pilot they have already received requests for extra samples to show to colleagues for use in research. The spokesperson confirmed that to join the club companies sign a renewable, yearly, contract and they are required to pay an annual fee of £6000. Three products are offered to introduce companies to the club. One of these is Splashers from Clif Bar in the USA. This is a children's drink packaged in what Mintel calls "an attention-grabbing, wave shaped sachet, which creates a real splash on the shelf and makes a cool addition to any lunchbox​." The mix is 80 per cent organic and when mixed with eight ounces of water is an istonic-like drink for active children. Also "thanks to an innovative new packaging design​", says Mintel, Coca-Cola in Germany has launched a new can of Coke that has a lid that can be resealed. The red lid is turned which moves the crescent opening into place so that the Coke can be easily accessed.

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