Mini batch processors target small-scale testing

By Mike Stones

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Two miniature-scale batch processors for high viscosity products,
including toffees, jellies and jams, were launched at last week's
IFT food trade fair in New Orleans.

The FT141 and the FT142 are versatile batch processing vessels suitable for high shear mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying, evaporation and vacuum de-aerating, according to manufacturers Armfield Inc of Jackson, New Jersey. The machines are designed to allow product developers to test ideas on a small-scale to gather information before deciding whether or not to scale up for commercial production. Mixing tank ​ Both machines can process up to 10 or 20 litres of product. In addition to confectionary products, they are also designed to process soups and sauces containing particulates. Each model comprises a jacketed mixing tank, high speed mixer, agitator, vacuum system, steam heating and electronic control panel. The FT141 can process at 95 per cent vacuum up to a temperature of 100°C, said the company. Meanwhile, the FT142 is capable of UHT processing up to a temperature of 140°C and 3 bar pressure. This model also includes a cooler on the connecting pipe to the vacuum pump. Vacuum control ​ Optional additions include automatic vacuum control and a condensation collector with a sight glass in the vacuum line. Both models offer small-scale versatile mixing capacity with easy cleaning allowing multiple mixing capacity and multiple trials per day, said the company's European Sales Manager Andrew Kay. The FT141 model is priced at £48,000 in Europe and $115,000 in the United States while the FT142 sells for £55,000 and $133,000 respectively. Armfield Inc is a subsidiary of Armfield Limited, Ringwood, England. The companies make a range of miniature processors for the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

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