MWV unveils security packaging device

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MWV introduces intercept security packaging solution
MWV introduces intercept security packaging solution
MWV has launched a packaging security solution that renders products useless until wirelessly unlocked at the point of sale.

Intercept features a wireless-enabled lock placed on the product, and disables the functionality until the lock is deactivated utilizing ProTeqt Technologies’ system during check out.

MWV said the lock protects products against theft throughout the supply chain.

“For decades, retailers tried to stop loss by using cameras and exit alarms that both employees and thieves have learned to ignore. Retailers then turned to limiting access to products, putting them in plastic boxes, locking them on peg hooks or in cabinets​,” said David Miller, global director of MWV’s Security Packaging Systems.

“Retailers and brand owners have been challenged to find a solution that balances security with the need for open merchandising. MWV’s Intercept is that solution.”

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