Top 10 UK snack bar brands: goodnessKNOWS how Mars’ debut will change the playing field

By Gill Hyslop

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goodnessKNOWS how the top 10 UK snack bar brands will handle the launch of Mar's debut in the healthy snacking sector. Pic: Mars
goodnessKNOWS how the top 10 UK snack bar brands will handle the launch of Mar's debut in the healthy snacking sector. Pic: Mars

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Mars Chocolate has launched goodnessKNOWS bars in the UK, hitting the nerve of time that could disrupt the UK’s Top 10 snack bar brands, says Euromonitor.

The chocolate confectioner is making its debut in the healthier snacking category with its first new brand in the UK since Celebrations was introduced 20 years ago.

The Snickers and Twix maker’s 34 g goodnessKNOWS bar contains 160 calories and is made from fruit, whole nuts and rolled oats bound in Mars’ own peanut and almond butter, then dipped in 45% cocoa chocolate.

Each bar comprises four separate squares and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Mars Chocolate North America launched the goodnessKNOWS bar with less than 40 calories per bar onto the US market in August 2015 and earlier this year, announced it will be increasing its production facilities. ​ 

Lows and highs

According to Euromonitor, the chocolate market in the UK has “seen a relatively meagre 1% current value CAGR for the period 2012-2017”,​ while snack bars have registered a 4% value CAGR.

The market researcher also predicts this trend to continue through to 2022.

Market size and growth of chocolate and snack bars

Source: Market research provider, Euromonitor International

Chart Chocolate Confectionery

Chart Snack Bars

“Understandably, Mars wants to secure its slice of this growing category,”​ said Wiebke Schoon, food analyst at Euromonitor International.

“Making fruit and nuts their main ingredients appeals to consumers looking for products with a health and wellness and natural positioning.”

Jumping on the bandwagon

Several other global confectioners and snack producers have made similar moves to capitalize on the consumer’s increasing awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing, thus minimizing sugar and calories.

Currently, Kellogg’s snack bar has the largest share of the UK snack bar market, dropping minimally from 17.2% in 2016 to 16.1% in 2017.

Lotus Bakeries’’ Nakd Bar is certainly shaking up the sector with its giant strides, currently commanding the second largest segment of the UK snack bar market, having increased it from 8.6% in 2016 to 10.6% in 2017.

Top 10 brands in UK snack bars market

Source: Market research provider, Euromonitor International

Chart Top 10 UK snack bar brands

A move that will ruffle feathers?

How the launch of Mars’ health bar onto the UK market could impact the breakdown of the above table, only time will tell, however, Schoon does note that it taps into a lot of current trends.

 “The combination with dark chocolate positions it as an indulgent product that may to some extend blur the line between chocolate confectionery and snack bars,”​ said Schoon.

The company has also broken the bar into four snackable squares that can be eaten all at once, or broken up through the day, providing a feeling of portion control.

Mars, too, has a deep understanding of the confectionery market in the UK, added Schoon, despite not having released any new products onto the market in 20 years.

In 2016, around 81% of Mars’ Packaged Food sales in the UK were generated by confectionery, of which around 61% came from chocolate confectionery.

Spread the love

Mars will donate 10% of all sales profits to the goodnessKNOWS Fund that supports community projects and local initiatives across the UK.

The snack is currently receiving its finishing touches at Mars UK’s chocolate headquarters in Slough and will be rolled out in August, at a RRP of 90p ($1.18) each, or £1.99 ($2.62) for a pack of three.

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