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Cocoa has been cultivated in Peru for almost 2,000 years. Pic: The Peru Cacao Alliance


Peru cocoa: a new journey

By Anthony Myers

It is well-known that indigenous people made cacao drinks from fermented beans as far back as 1900 BC, but these days, Peruvian cocoa has much more going for it than past claims, as the Peru Cacao and Chocolate Salon, which opens this week, will highlight.

Picture: Gettyimages-Goran13

The evolution of US grocery shopping: 10 trends to watch

By Elaine Watson

Are women still the primary shoppers for groceries? And how do millennial and boomer food shopping habits differ? Here are 10 things that caught our eye in the 2019 US Grocery Shopper Trends report* prepared by The Hartman Group for the Food Marketing...

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