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Gut health and obesity: The promise of pre- and probiotics

Weight Management 2010 - Nestlé and UCL

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The Topic

1 pm - 2 pm (EDT, New-York)

This webinar is part of the WeightManagement2010 virtual conference and expo.

The gut microflora​ of obese​ people is different from their lean counterparts. So could probiotics and prebiotics​ be used to modify gut microbial populations and help shrink waist sizes​? This session will look at where the science stands, and where it is going, in this exciting area of nutrition​ research.


Dr. Stephen DANIELLS, Science Editor, Nutra Ingredients USA


Dr. Chieh Jason CHOU, Researcher, Nestlé

Pr. Patrice D. CANI, Research associate FNRS, UCL, Louvain Drug Research Institute