Leonardo Bichara Rocha, senior economist at the International Sugar Organization

ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Sugar outlook positive despite impending EU quota extension - ISO

By Oliver Nieburg

The International Sugar Organization (ISO) has said that even if the EU extends sugar quotas to 2020 it will have little negative impact on the world sugar market as stocks are at a surplus and a bumper crop is due from Brazil.

TNA Robag FXIS 3ci

Dispatches from Pack Expo 2012

TNA bagger takes firm into new markets

By Rod Addy

TNA Solutions has launched a groundbreaking bagger, delivering speedy bagging to markets the company was previously unable to reach.

Anuga FoodTec - innovation powerhouse


Anuga FoodTec - innovation powerhouse

By Rory Harrington

The food and beverage production industry is ramping up its innovation pipeline as a way of bucking the uncertain economic trend, Anuga FoodTec show director Peter Grothues told at the event last week in Cologne, Germany.