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Confectionery production for jellies and gummy products with Tanis

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Crazy about candy production: One solution for integrated gummy and jelly production

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The realm of gums and jellies is brimming with limitless potential, captivating our senses with the delectable sweetness and tantalizing bite of these soft confections.

However, beyond the realm of fruity flavors and satisfying mouthfeel lies a world of opportunities waiting to be explored within the confectionery industry. Emerging trends such as new shapes and innovative formulations (including multi-color and flavor gums in the form of center-in-shell and side-by-side gums), as well as low sugar and vegan recipes, are gaining ground. As consumer awareness of healthy dietary choices continues to grow, confectionery manufacturers are faced with an examination of their offerings. This evolutionary journey has been steadily unfolding over the past few years, with the demand for carefully crafted candies showing no signs of waning.


In the midst of our fast-paced and dynamic lifestyles, prioritizing health-conscious eating isn't always feasible. Nonetheless, our desire to absorb essential vitamins and minerals remains resolute. The practice of supplementation has seamlessly integrated into our societal norms, but experience of ingesting pills and powders often leaves much to be desired. Consequently, within the realm of nutraceuticals, the adoption of gummies as an optimal delivery system for these valuable components is gaining momentum.

Producers are presented with an array of promising opportunities, demanding a degree of adaptability from both their workforce and their equipment. Yet, successfully meeting the multifaceted demands of the market is challenging as every alteration in formulation and shape introduces a unique set of potential risks. The essential characteristics of a premium gummy must be consistently upheld: an appealing visual aesthetic, a gratifying texture, and an enjoyable taste. These attributes remain consistent even after enduring prolonged periods of packaging.

To achieve this, producers have increasingly come to rely on the expertise of external parties, in part due to restrictions within the labor market. Knowledge about equipment, formulation potential, and behaviors of new ingredients are essential to successfully launch a new product. This is often not feasible within the daily routine, so it’s reassuring to be able to rely on a single entity that can assume full responsibility, ensuring that the development of new gums and jellies is an enjoyable process.

For over 25 years, Tanis has stood at the forefront as a global pioneer in providing comprehensive production lines tailored specifically for crafting gums and jellies. Throughout this time, Tanis have developed an intimate understanding of the hurdles that customers encounter, as well as the aspirations they want to achieve. Delivering full production lines for soft candy manufacturers, from kitchen to depositing and from conditioning to demolding, Tanis offers one integrated gummy and jelly production process.

The commitment to excellence is embedded in every facet of the company’s cutting-edge equipment and unparalleled services. Every innovation, every design, and every solution offered is meticulously crafted to align with the unique demands required to meet production processes.

Tanis operates as a family-owned enterprise, and that ethos extends to relationships with its customers. In choosing Tanis, customers are not only gaining access to state-of-the-art technology, they also join a community that values relationships as much as results. Valuing customer success, Tanis ensures a journey that is met with the highest level of expertise, reliability, and care.

Complete production lines

Tanis understands that every confectionery journey is unique and requires a diverse range of solutions to meet customers specific needs. Whether customers are just beginning or seeking to amplify production, Tanis’ lineup encompasses everything from a revamped 400m entry-level production line to robust high-capacity lines that redefine industry standards.

In addition to this, a unique scalable solution with the Tanis 400S is offered, allowing startups to enter the world of automated confectionery and nutraceutical manufacturing. By gradually investing in the individual parts, the production line grows along with the company. Starting with a depositor, which can later be expanded with a kitchen, automatic demolder and conditioning rooms, completely modular. This offers customers the possibility to expand equipment simultaneously with the business, without compromising on quality.


The Tanis OTC production lines, precision-engineered to suit the demand for nutraceuticals enriched with active ingredients, have been created with the future in mind, empowering customers to create confections that not only tantalize taste buds but also provide wellness benefits.

From seasoned manufacturers looking to elevate offerings or a newcomer with aspirations of venturing into the enchanting realm of gums and jellies, Tanis provides guidance and support.

Training and product development

In addition to equipment, Tanis also provides a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to share extensive expertise in gummy and jelly manufacturing.

Online courses are provided to share multi-disciplinary insights, encouraging the enhancement of skills to stay ahead in the ever-evolving confectionery landscape. The learning doesn't stop there. The Innovation Center located in the Netherlands is home to a team of experts who collaborate directly with customers to explore unique potential and develop tailormade solutions.

No matter the requirements, be it active ingredients, low sugar formulations, exciting flavors, or distinctive finishes, the team at Tanis works to deliver success.

This year, the event Pack Expo is being held in Las Vegas from September 11-13, 2023. Tanis will have a Confectionery Pavilion stand SU-7329, showcasing a passion for candy production while unveiling a captivating vision for the future of gums and jellies.

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