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Depositing chewing gum into hard candy!

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Depositing chewing gum into hard candy!

Here is an opportunity to move into the fastest growing confectionery sector, and introduce exciting products to your market. New technology means you can deposit bubble and chewing gum base, and incorporate gum into candies and lollipops. Gum products can be made in single, multi-colour and soft centre fill varieties, and gum filled hard candies and lollipops with single or multicolour shells. You can push the conventional boundaries of the sector by creating completely new ideas in gum shapes, combinations of coloured stripes and layers, or high-percentage centre-fill products. Complete gum preparation and depositing systems are compact, easy to install and simple to operate. The technology can also be retrofitted to existing depositing lines. All gum-filled and gum piece products can be produced in sugar and sugar-free variants. The recognized benefits of the depositing process provide marketing, quality and efficiency benefits that include consistently high accuracy of shape and weight for cost control and packaging efficiency.

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