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Hard Candy - Easy Decision!

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Hard Candy - Easy Decision!

Top quality hard candy with lower cost of ownership. Baker Perkins ServoForm depositors bring top quality and an unbeatable product range to hard candy manufacture. With a lower overall cost of ownership than traditional processes such as die forming, the flexibility and product excellence of depositing bring a clear competitive advantage. Hard candy depositing systems produce multi-colour and multi-component candies in one, two, three and four colours; in stripes, layers and random patterns - virtually all of them in sugar-based and sugar-free recipes. Chewing and bubble gum, toffee, chocolate, jam and paste can all be incorporated as centres. Depositing allows you to develop products for the health conscious, for the medicinal sector, and for pure indulgence - at high outputs, with a vast array of potential flavours and colours, and with rapid changeover between products. Special ServoForm machines bring similar advantages to the production of lollipops, soft candies, toffees and caramels, gums and jellies. For further information, simply complete the form below.

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