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Release the profit potential in lollipops

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Release the profit potential in lollipops

The technology innovation that transformed the production of ball and 3D lollipops has been extended to flat products. Baker Perkins ServoForm depositors bring top quality and an unbeatable product range to lollipop manufacture. With far greater production flexibility, and a lower overall cost of ownership than traditional die forming, the flexibility and product excellence of depositing bring a clear competitive advantage. Flat lollipops can now be deposited in the same vibrant variety as ball and3D products: one, two, three or four colours; as solid, layered or striped varieties. A range of hard, soft and gum centre-fills adds distinctive and previously unattainable textures. All can be made in sugar or sugar-free variants, and there is the ability to add medicinal or nutraceutical elements. Baker Perkins completely automated, high capacity lollipop lines based on the latest ServoForm depositing technology, are at work around the world at rates over 1300 per minute.

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