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ServoForm Range of Depositors

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ServoForm Range of Depositors

The ServoForm range of depositors sets new benchmarks in the production of hard and soft candies, lollipops, toffees, gums and jellies. With over 500 installations world-wide, Baker Perkins depositors are the recognised market leaders, creating quality, flexibility, output and operational simplicity benefits that cannot be matched by any other process. Confectionery and lollipop versions produce multi-colour and multi-component candies in one, two, three and four colours, in stripes layers and random patterns - virtually all these variations can be produced in sugar-based and sugar-free recipes. Other machines in the range cover market niches and special requirements such as gum bases and the incorporation of gum into candies and lollipops; starchless depositing of jellies and gums; the production of candies and lollipops from a single plant, or hard candy and toffee from the same line; and 50/50 layered candy.

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