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Sisterna, specialist in Sucrose-ester emulsifiers

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Sisterna, specialist in Sucrose-ester emulsifiers

Sisterna, specialist in Sucrose-ester emulsifier

Sisterna is the world's forerunner in the research and development of high-grade sucrose esters. It possesses a wide and long-term experience and maintains an intricate sales and promotion network in Europe. Furthermore, Sisterna has developed countless proven and innovative applications of these emulsifiers for the food and other industries.

Sisterna Specialty emulsifier blends

Sisterna has specially developed blends of sucrose esters and other functional components designed for the confectionery and the bakery industry. Sucrosilk® is developed for sweet confections like chewies, fondant and toffee but also for products such as cereal bars. Sisterna SP Gold® is a paste, developed for sponge cake and other aerated baked products.

Sisterna Sucrosilk® emulsifier

Sucrosilk is a blend of selected sucrose ester grades on a carrier of powdered sugar. The blend has a perfect fit in confectionery. It is a new alternative to commonly used emulsifiers such as lecithin and mono-, diglyceride. Sucrosilk is applied in confectionery such as hard candy, chewies, cereal bars, caramel and fondant.

The blend is used either to improve emulsification, control sugar crystallisation or to reduce stickiness of confectionery to equipment, teeth or wrappers. These functionalities increase the production capacity or raise the quality; e.g. chewies will be whiter and softer and less likely to harden. Additionally the blend eases handling in the factory, it replaces the premixing job of sucrose esters with powder ingredients and it is easy to disperse even in hot liquids.

Sisterna Economise your confectionery recipe

Sucrosilk can help you economise on your ingredients. With the easy to disperse Sucrosilk, the sucrose esters in de blend are fully utilised. Plain sucrose esters are not always fully utilised due to lump formation and inhomogeneous dispersion. In some confectionery products seeding sugar or fondant can be eliminated from the recipe because the powdered sugar in Sucrosilk does the job of the seeding crystals.

Sisterna Sucrosilk® main benefits in confectionery products

  • Fat emulsification
  • Aeration
  • Controlled sugar crystallization
  • Reduced stickiness
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Improved shelf life

Sisterna The possibilities of Sucrosilk HP10 and Sucrosilk MP10 in Confectionery.

In most applications Sucrosilk® is able to replace other emulsifiers at the ratio 1:1. Two Sucrosilk blends are available, Sucrosilk HP10 and Sucrosilk MP10, each containing different combinations of sucrose esters applicable in different types of confectionery. Both types of Sucrosilk® can be declared as sugar and sucrose ester (of fatty acids) or E473.


Sucrosilk HP10

Sucrosilk MP10

Cereal bars / Crispy muesli


High boilings 'cream candy'


Fondant / Icing


Chewy / caramel





Table 1: Typical dosage of Sucrosilk HP10 and Sucrosilk MP10

Sisterna Application of Sucrosilk

Grained products such as chewies, fudge and fondant can benefit from the effect Sucrosilk MP10 has on sugar crystallisation. Crystallisation is speeded up, thus reducing graining time. A low average crystal size contributes to long stability and soft texture. Sticky confectionery, e.g. cereal bars and caramels, adhere less to surfaces when Sucrosilk HP10 is applied. The result is less frequent cleaning of production equipment thus longer production runs. Consumers will notice a reduced stickiness to teeth. Fondant, hard candy, caramel and chewies often contain fat. Sucrosilk HP10 offers excellent emulsifying and stabilising properties and prevents fat oozing.

Sisterna Sugar free confection

Sisterna also supplies pure sucrose esters which contain less than 2% sugar, at the low dosage level in which they are normally used (0,5-0,05%), they virtually do not add calories.

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