Alfred L. Wolff

Alfred Wolff

ALFRED L. WOLFF is a global supplier of raw materials and brand ingredients for the food industry. Based in Germany since 1901, the company network includes subsidiaries a/o production units in China, HongKong, Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Romania and the USA. Quality care from sourcing to selling is our utmost commitment to meet our customers' needs in terms of safety, functionality and production yield. ALW Quality Management includes ISO 9001, HACCP, Halal and Kosher certification as well as Organic certification for some products (BCS-öko-Garantie, Germany, EU Code-Number DE-001-öko-Kontrollstelle).

ALFRED L. WOLFF's activities are dedicated to:

  • the supply of natural raw materials in the traditional commercial qualities
  • the processing of these raw materials into tailormade qualities according to customer's needs, specifications and production parameters
  • development and production of brand ingredients with specific functionalities and properties
  • the supply of organic (bio) products

ALFRED L. WOLFF's worldwide supply power is backed by a long market experience and thorough product knowledge, an international team of specialists, a close connection and cooperation between all operative units.

ALFRED L. WOLFF's product range:

  • Honey, organic honey, honey blends, bee products, organic agave juice
  • Hydrocolloids: Acacia Gum (Quick Gum™ Gum Arabic), Guar Gum, Xanthan, Agar-Agar, Carrageenans, Locust Bean Gum, Bio-Guar (organic guar)
  •  Licorice nuggets, Licorice pellets, Licorice paste, QSLic™(Quick Soluble Licorice powder), Licorice blocks, Licorice spray
  • Confectionery Performers : Quick Coat™ (pre-coating agent, with/without sugar), Quick Shine™, Quick Glanz™ (glazing/polishing agents), Quick Lac™ (sealing agent), Quick Oil™ (anti-sticking agent), Quick Acid™ (souring agent), Quick Chew™ (gelatine-free texturant for chewy confectioneries)
  • Quick Fibre™ water soluble dietary fibre