Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagen-Industrie GmbH

Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagen-Industrie GmbH

Founded in 1905, Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagen is a well-established globally leading manufacturer of customized production lines for a wide variety of end products such as

  • wafers,
  • waffles,
  • ice cream cones,
  • wafer sticks,
  • pancakes,
  • biscuits,
  • marshmallows, and
  • cakes

The combined expertise of the member companies within the Haas Group (Franz Haas, Haas-Mondomix and DFE Meincke) provides the bakery, confectionery, and dairy industries with sophisticated and reliable

  • batter, dough and cream mixers,
  • baking ovens,
  • conditioners and coolers,
  • cream spreaders,
  • wafer cutters,
  • dough sheeters,
  • gauge rollers,
  • biscuit moulding and cutting machines,
  • depositors and decorating systems,
  • sandwiching machines, and
  • aerators

The services offered cover all stages from planning, design, production and commissioning of turnkey plants to the after sales service.

Furthermore, in-house laboratory and testing facilities for technological support and trainings, continuous R&D activities , state-of-the-art production equipment (CAD, CAM), high quality standards (certified according to ISO 9001), and a tight network of subsidiaries and local representatives ensure efficient support for customers all over the world and ideal solutions for their specific needs and products.