GEA Courtoy NV


As a leading manufacturer of tabletting equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, GEA Courtoy is able to offer customized, high-quality solutions to confectionery manufacturers worldwide.
 The numerous advantages of our state-of-the-art tablet presses include GMP compliance, easy cleaning, high reliability and tremendous productivity.
 Our MODUL™ range offers an incomparable advantage in minimizing machine downtime. The core feature of the MODUL™ is the ECM or Exchangeable Compression Module.​ This isolated compression zone holds all the format and contact parts, is easy to remove from the remainder of the machine and can be cleaned off-line after removal from the press. As the ECM is just a small compartment, cleaning can be done in a record time. The machine itself is not contaminated and does not need cleaning.
 The MODUL™comes in three versions: (1) single-layer high-output, (2) single-layer small-scale production and (3) double-layer.
 A Courtoy machine does not just ensure an exceptional productivity standard. We also specialize in applications requiring advanced technology and product-specific know-how.
 We can provide integrated solutions for complex applications, such as the production of double-layer lollipops including the insertion of the stick.
 We can offer presses for the production of annular mints and sugar necklace beads, requiring compression with core rods - in single- or bi-layer execution. If you should like to get a taste of what we can do for you, you are welcome to visit our test facilities in Halle. We have no doubt your ideas and our know-how will make for a delightful combination.