KMC – Shaping up your sweets


Let us help you optimize your costs! KMC offers a range of highly advanced potato starches as replacement for your current gelling agent. In addition to lowering your cost in use, KMC Gelamyl reduces your exposure to prices fluctuations.

KMC Gelamyl is a sustainable solution that will satisfy the continual consumer demands for more exciting products, and the growing concern for vegetarian, halal, kosher products. KMC Gelamyl can be used as full or partial replacement of gelatin for cost saving purposes.

Your desired texture

Our product range provides the specific functionality desired for your end product whether it is licorice pastilles, tender gum or jelly confectionery. We control texture, elasticity and consistency from soft to hard or from elastic to brittle. KMC Gelamyl is neutral in taste and gives a great flavor release.

Confectionery technology

In confectionery, high sugar components of sucrose and glucose syrup, combined with gelling agent, is needed to obtain a confection product. The viscosity of the mixture will increase due to the fact that the sugar syrup is cooked and the water content is reduced. KMC Gelamyl will maintain a low viscosity during the candy-making process, even when it is used at high concentrations and in solution with high amount of solids.

Furthermore the KMC Gelamyl provides an easy handling during deposition of the mass and it will, during cooling, set into a gel. We can guide you to the right solution for your cooking process depending on the type of equipment used, the process parameters and other added ingredients. KMC Gelamyl is not required to be cooked separately from the sugars syrup. The easy handling leads to savings in time, space and energy.

Our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, non-allergenic, kosher and halal certified.