Action on Sugar calls on confections to produce smaller products with less sugar

No commercial reason not to cut sugar in confectionery, says chairman

Action on Sugar: Campaign forms to cut sugar in confectionery

By Oliver Nieburg

A new campaign group headed by medical professionals says the food industry can improve profit margins while cutting ‘unnecessary’ added sugar from products, which it says is responsible for rising global obesity.

ConfectioneryNews predicts where the tarot cards will lay for the chocolate industry in 2014. Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass

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The chocolate prophecies: Industry fortune-telling for 2014

By Oliver Nieburg

Not quite the choc-pocalypse, but retail prices for chocolate are expected to rise in the face of cocoa price hikes, which could see the taste, shape and size of chocolate change significantly in the year ahead.

Most UK produced chocolate goes to Ireland, but there has been significant growth in exports to South Africa and the United Arab Emirates

Chocolate fastest growing UK food export

By Oliver Nieburg

Chocolate is the fastest growing UK food export driven by a rise in sales to the Middle East and Africa and factory expansion by Nestlé, according to a report from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Aasted launches UK subsidiary

Aasted launches UK subsidiary

Danish equipment firm Aasted has inaugurated a UK subsidiary business in order to be closer to its customers.