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Industry Voices

Ferrara Candy CEO: Millennials create ‘paradox’ where candy outdoes chocolate

Candy is outpacing chocolate growth in the US as Millennials, Generation Z and the Hispanic population transform consumption habits, says the CEO of Ferrara Candy.

Industry Voices - Trademark Attorney Opinion

The KitKat conundrum: Confectioners risk disillusioning consumers by trademarking shapes

Confectionery companies may have to use clear packs and ditch all branding if they hope to trademark a shape, a move that could end up deterring consumers, writes trademark attorney...

Industry Voices – Curtis Vreeland

A dynamic bean-to-bar market creates the ‘New American Chocolate’ – but is it a game for small players only?

Confectionery consultant Curtis Vreeland assesses the growing US bean-to-bar chocolate market and asks several artisanal chocolatiers how and if they can co-exist with multinationals.

Industry Voices

Opinion: Reform state CPAs to protect brands like Mentos from ‘absurd’ lawsuits

US state legislators should revise Consumer Protection Acts so confectioners are not hit with ‘preposterous’ lawsuits such as one accusing Perfetti Van Melle of slack filling gum packs, writes the...

Guest article

A different perspective: Cocoa Buyers must be incentivised to improve chocolate supply chain

Cocoa buying companies are the main intermediaries between the chocolate industry and farmers and should not be forgotten in the pursuit of sustainable cocoa, writes one of the largest licensed...

Guest article

No future for chocolate if cocoa farmers are deep-rooted in poverty

Chocolate could become a small and expensive niche product unless we all do more to help cocoa farmers escape poverty, writes UTZ Certified executive director Han De Groot.

Guest article

Standing out in the confectionery ‘purple’ patch

Chocolate brands will gain no ground by mimicking the color of heritage brands such as Cadbury and must forge their own identities, writes Mark Ringer, executive creative director UK &...


Smoke signals: Sugar industry needs to embrace moderation (like the rest of us)

Sugar is not like tobacco. So why does the sugar industry keep borrowing tobacco industry terms?

Industry Voices: Nutri Nick talks confectionery nutrition

Confectionery industry poised for ‘analogue to digital switch’ on health, says Nutri Nick

The confectionery industry will begin to move away from sugar to ‘healthier’ alternatives, according to a manufacturer of stevia-sweetened energy and confectionery bars.

Industry Voices: Guest Article

Not wanting to see the cookie crumble: The other side of the lightweighting frenzy

Lightweighting and the move to shelf-ready packaging can be more sustainable, but also exposes delicate products such as biscuits to damage and any savings may be outweighed by extra pallet...

Industry Voices - Cocoa in the developed world

‘We want to put Australia on the map for origin chocolate’ – Daintree Estates

The company behind Australia’s first single origin chocolate says the country’s cocoa is rich in polyphenols and is set for a big future. Its executive chairman, Cadbury veteran Barry Kitchen...

Industry Voices - The Gum Doctor

Fortified chewing gum can protect against the common cold, claims Immuno Gum creator

Immune health chewing gum is a cheaper and more portable way to guard against the common cold than dissolvable vitamins, according to an emergency room doctor who has created his...

Industry Voices: The Big Chew

Perfetti Van Melle USA CEO talks Airheads for adults and gum revival

The CEO of Perfetti Van Melle USA talks to ConfectioneryNews about innovation, turning around the ailing gum category and the firm’s US strategy.

Industry Voices – Functional Gum Formulator

High-dose weight loss gum launches in US

A high-dose satiety gum containing a potato extract and African mango has launched in the US that takes four pieces to achieve clinically-backed results.

Industry Voices: Healthy Choc Chief

Functional ingredients and chocolate the perfect match, says Good Cacao CEO

Good Cacao CEO talks to about boosting the appeal of healthy chocolate, the functional ingredients to look out for in 2013 and challenges in formulation.

Guest article

Eight winners: Are EU diabetes-metabolic syndrome health claims set to explode?

Eight ingredients have won EU health claims that can be used to back messaging around metabolic syndrome – although the take-up to date has been lacklustre, says Euromonitor analyst, Diana Cowland....

Guest article

December 14 EU health claims crack down: Are B2B comms affected?

December 14 brings the long awaited and widely disputed EU crack down on health claims. That means 222 general function claims are good to go, another 1500 or so prohibited....

Guest article

Provexis winner: EU health claims enforcement may dish rotten tomatoes

Steve Morrision was the COO at Provexis when the UK start-up won the EU‘s first ever article 13.5 health claim for its blood circulation-boosting tomato extract called Fruitflow in 2009....

Exclusive interview

Price-conscious Portuguese moving to private label chocolate, says Imperial CEO

Consumers in Portugal are turning their backs on branded chocolates in favor of supermarket brands as the domestic economy bites, according to the CEO of Portuguese confectioner Imperial-Produtos Alimentares.

Guest article

The challenges of ‘natural’ and ‘bumpy road’ tests: Efficient troubleshooting in action

Dealing with problems that may arise in the formulation of food and beverage products is vital for manufacturers. In the second part of his look at troubleshooting, Leatherhead Food Research’s...

Guest article

Expert outlines top 10 tips for efficient formulation troubleshooting

As foods become ever more complex, the need to be able to efficiently troubleshoot problems becomes even more critical. In this guest article, Wayne Morley, PhD, head of food innovation...

Guest article

Pumping up performance to boost efficiency, maximise yields

Pumps are becoming increasingly essential in food and beverage processing, particularly when it comes to improving efficiency and maximising yield, said Keith Driver of NOV Mono. In a guest article...

Expert comment

Nitrite free: Where does the truth end?

Cured meat products are appearing on the market as 'naturally cured', 'no nitrite added', 'without added nitrite' or even 'nitrite free' to promote a health image to consumers. Industry expert...

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