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Hindu leader condemns Wrigley candies made with beef-sourced gelatin

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed says upset Hindus in the US are seeking “official apology” from the president of Wrigley for non-disclosure of beef in some of its candy products.

Altoids is one of Wrigley's brands that contains beef-derived gelatin.  Photo: Schyler

UK chocolate exports grow in value driven by premium brands

UK chocolate exports increased in value but declined in volume in the first half of 2017, data released by the Food and Drink Federations (FDF) shows.

Nestlé defends new Whip chocolates for not including walnut

Nestlé says the Walnut Whip with a walnut will remain on sale alongside its new vanilla, caramel and mint versions without a walnut in the UK and Ireland. 

How do you get honest feedback from target consumers without breaking the bank?

As any entrepreneur that has conducted instore demos will tell you, says TrySome founder Rune Knudsen, asking someone face to face what they think of your product may not be the best way to elicit an honest response, even though direct interactions with consumers can provide useful insights.

UK targets calories in next phase of childhood obesity plan

The UK has set its sights on foods with a high calorie count as it updates the country’s childhood obesity plan, which previously focused on sugar reduction.

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