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Ambitious public-private alliance aims to double Fino de Aroma cocoa production in Colombia

Colombian authorities have launched a Great Cocoa and Chocolate Alliance (GCCA) platform in Bogotá this month, to boost exports from the country’s cocoa and confectionery industries and increase their share of global chocolate markets.

Rainforest-friendly cocoa: Brazilian co-op granted collective trademark

A collective trademark for organic cocoa and cocoa-based products has been issued to Brazil’s cocoa grower cooperative Cooperativa dos Produtores Orgânicos do Sul da Bahia (CPOSB).

Five modern twists on brittle

Five startups showcasing at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago hope to rekindle Americans’ love affair with the iconic sugar candy brittle by updating the old fashioned confection with bold new flavors and textures that will appeal to a broader audience. 

“Don’t forget about baby boomers” when marketing foods, IRI analyst cautions

Food marketers increasingly are training their crosshairs on millennials whose purchasing power is growing quickly, but they should not overlook baby boomers, who spend the most of any generation on snacks and sweets, according to analysis of sales data by IRI Worldwide.

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