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Wearables, beacons and smart diplays: Eight tech startups to help Mondelēz tap Millennials

Mondelēz International’s director of field shopper market shares details on eight technology startups that will help promote power brands such as Trident and Oreo.

Tomorrow's world of digital marketing: Mondelēz to leverage wearable technology and bluetooth transmitters to communicate with consumer devices

Nestlé unwraps search for confectionery degree students

Nestlé is seeking to secure the next generation of chocolate makers with the launch of a new confectionery degree.

Which food and drink companies use social media well – and which don't?

We take a look at which food and drink companies come out top for using social media to their advantage – and which ones need a little more practice.

Less processed fibre makes food healthier

Preserving the natural structure of plant fibre during food processing keeps blood sugar levels in check – meaning manufacturers can make their products healthier without changing the ingredients, say researchers.

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