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Canadian company, IdeaPacked Communications, has developed new
labelling technology for the nutraceutical and dietary supplements
industry. It is said to provide a more efficient and cost-effective
means of multi-functional labelling that would also be suitable for
a variety of food and beverage applications.

The technology involves covering a fixed inner label or printed base with a moveable partly-transparent outer label through which parts of the fixed label or printed base can be seen by rotating the outer label. Although a simple solution, it is said to provide the opportunity for further information opportunities, particularly when labelling space is limited.

IdeaPacked Communications claim that the labelling provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution. Said to cost around 30 per cent less than existing extended content labels, it can provide easy consumer interactivity as well as further opportunity for co-operative branding, cross-merchandising and on-pack promotions.

"Rotating Label technology is perhaps the single most significant advance in labelling information delivery capabilities of the last century,"​ according to Leslea Macaulay, corporate director at IdeaPacked Communications. "This system nearly doubles a manufacturer's 'real estate' and is perfect for leading companies working with branded ingredients or for innovative promotional campaigns."

Canada-based IdeaPacked Communications is the exclusive licensing agent for patented Rotating Label technology, having secured global rights in March this year. The company is in the business of sub-licensing the right to the use of the intellectual property, with the goal of having Rotating Label technology become the preferred "enhanced content" label system for packaged goods on a global basis.

The company has engaged Marketwise Nutrition to actively pursue applications in the nutraceutical and supplements markets.

Although this type of labelling has proved increasingly popular for the medical, supplements and nutraceutical industries, with the increasing use of promotions and legislative stipulations for food safety, food and beverage manufacturers are now constantly looking for solutions to help them with space labeling issues. The rotating label might provide such a solution for the industry.

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