Amcor creates "easy open, easy reclose" packaging for chocolate squares

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Amcor has been working with Rübezahl Schokoladen to apply its “easy open, easy reclose” innovation to the packaging of Sun Rice chocolate squares.

Developed with various food applications in mind, Amcor E-Close has made its way into the confectionery industry to meet demand for packaging that is easy to open and easy to close. The packaging innovation itself is a two sided partially perforated laminate that is combined with pressure sensitive coating.

What separates Amcor E-Close from other options is that it does away with the need for zips and stickers that are usually needed to make packaging re-closable.


Rübezahl Schokoladen recently introduced the packaging product for its Sun Rice chocolate squares, sold exclusively at ALDI supermarkets in Germany.


Amcor E-Close was designed to help people easily open and share a food product and then close, and reseal it for later, making the product suitable for chocolates which are often dipped into and then left for another day.

Sandra Pejkovic, product manager at Rübezahl Schokoladen said: “It allows us to respond to consumer needs by applying an easy opening and re-close mechanism.

“Consumer convenience combined with the improved laminate structure clearly creates additional benefits for our customer.”

Distinguishing feature

The distinguishing feature of Amcor E-Close is its high-tech reseal, which minimises the need for additional packaging materials such as zippers and stickers. To reclose the consumer presses down the flap allowing the pressure sensitive seal incorporated in the flexible laminate to do the work.

There are also advantages for manufacturers. Replacement of other re-close features, such as zippers or stickers, provides savings and waste reduction while also simplifying the packing production process, according to Amcor.

The product is designed to make life simpler for manufacturers and consumers but also aims to grab the attention of buyers and stand out on crowded shelves. “Amcor E-Close helps us to differentiate our Sun Rice brand from other confectionery products on the shelves,”​ said Pejkovic.

Amcor said the packaging innovation can be used on a wide variety of pack styles, such as SUP, Flowpack and Stabilo Seal, using existing packing equipment without adjustments.

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