Rousselot divides gelatines for functionality and healthy products

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Rousselot has reorganised its gelatine offering to better illustrate the functionality of different forms of the ingredient and how they can be used to reformulate products along healthier lines.

Part of the Dutch Vion group, Rousselot specialises in supplying gelatine and hydrolised collagen for the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries. It has been trading since 1891 and has a staff of 2400.

Now however it has now grouped its gelatines under the brands Rousselot Functionality and Rousselot Reformulation. A spokesperson for the company told that the company wants to underline the different propositions.

The Functionality range is made up of some 50 kinds of gelatine, differentiated by a number of factors such as raw material (porcine, bovine or fish origin), processes, different gel strengths and mesh. They may be particularly well suited to certain actions in a food matrix, such as whipping, emulsifying, stabilising, thermoreversibility, gelling, texturising and foaming properties – amongst others.

The Reformulation range, meanwhile, highlights those gelatines that are remarkable for their texturising and emulsifying properties, and which can be used to make products that contain less nutrients that should be eaten in wise quantities, like fat, sugar and salt, but still need to be indulgent.

There are some gelatines that appear in both the categories, the spokesperson said. But the Reformulation range also forms part of the Rousselot Healthy Choice axis, which also features its Peptan hydrolised collagens.

Snack system

As well as presenting its newly delineated gelatine ranges, at next week’s FiE trade show in Frankfurt Rousselot will also be showing a prototype snack that uses a gelatine and pectin system. Called ApperoMallow, the prototype is described as a first-of-its kind “salted marshmallow”.

The aim is to demonstrate to snack firms the potential of this system to make a product that contains no fat and no sugar, but which is still tasty.

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