Europe-wide confectioners target of lighter twist wrap for chews

By Jane Byrne

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Moneta' is targeting the wider European market with its sustainable twist wrap for chewable candies, following take-up of the recently enhanced BOPP film by confectioners in Slovakia and Germany.

The Slovakian company told that it light-weighted its existing Yango Twist metalized bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film to enable a weight reduction of 30 microns.

Its packaging engineers then added paper to the film for support.

The packaging developer said the new 5 micron metalized printed BOPP film is laminated with 10 grams per metre square (m2​) paper and coated with a non-stick 1 gram per m2​ food approved coating developed in-house.

“The total weight of the packaging material is 18 grams per metre square, which is twice as low as any other twist materials available on the market. But due to the film structure it is as strong as CPP, cellophane or PVC materials in terms of machine runability and production speed,”​ said the supplier.

As well as being ecologically appealing, the enhanced Yango Twist wrap scores on the aesthetics front, has good barrier properties, and can be used for direct food contact.

The firm also flagged up the wrap's strong memory and dead fold properties, two important attributes required for twist film.

Yango Twist, continued Moneta, can be used with chocolates, caramels and chews that have twist and seal requirements. Its anti-stick coating has strong heat seal properties and offers an alternative to wax paper, cellophane and other twistable materials:

“The sealing provides additional protection against the dryness of the chewable candies and gums," ​claims the Slovakian developer. previously reported on a nanotechnology-based coating for aluminium film targeted at chocolate figurines that Moneta developed.

“By applying the nanoparticle based coating onto seven micron aluminium film with eight colours rotogravure print, it means that the material has in fact the strength and stiffness equivalent to 14 micron foil along with excellent machinability,”​ said the supplier last May.

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