Hotmelt applicators offer increased sustainability, claims Robatech

By Nilpa Shah

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Hotmelt applicators offer increased sustainability, claims Robatech
Packaging firm Robatech has launched a line of hotmelt applicators designed for confectionery packaging that it has said can enhance efficiency by using less energy.

The company’s Concept Diamond line is a range of applicators containing adhesive, which is transported to the applicator heads, and then used to glue together small flaps on folding boxes.

The Swiss-based company added that as the applicators are based on automatic filling technology, “manual refilling is no longer needed​.”

According to Robatech, the Concept Diamond applicators are more efficient because there are “fewer standstills​.”

‘Not yet commercially available’

Hanspeter Huber, product manager packaging industry at Robatech, told that the Concept Diamond is “not yet commercially available​” and that the company is currently in the “pilot-production​” stage.

He added that the applicators have been trialled with a few companies although these are “not specifically in the food sector​.”

The company did say however, that the applicators have been designed for use in the sugar confectionery industry, with Rabotech specifically targeting small sweet and chewing gum boxes as well as chocolate wrappers.

Robatech said that the insulation and adhesive distributor in the applicators “result in energy saving​” though exact figures were not provided.

‘Based on latest technologies’

Robatech said that the applicators use the company’s RobaFeed system, which can be connected to the applicators in order to ensure “constant quantity of adhesive in the applicator head​.”

The company said that this means the melting tank can be filled directly from a separate granulate container ensuring safety of personnel and preventing tank contamination.

Other similar products on the market include BaumerHHS’s Xmelt applicator, which uses InterActive technology to allow the user to control the amount of glue that is present in the hotmelt applicators.

Robatech’s other competitor, Nordson, say that their hotmelt applicator relies on “dispensing and melt-on-demand technologies​”, which control the consumption of adhesive and reduce wastage.

Robatech refused to reveal the price of the Concept Diamond range but said that it would be presenting the applicators at the ProSweets confectionery fair in Cologne next year.

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