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What’s at the heart of functional and healthy confectionery?

By Oliver Nieburg

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Get Involved: Voice your opinions on the subject
Get Involved: Voice your opinions on the subject

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ConfectioneryNews explores the issues at the pulse of healthier and functional chocolate, candy and gum.

We’re gearing up for a ‘Healthy & Functional Ingredients’ special edition on 25 June 2013, and want to get your views.

Chocolate has quickly been gaining traction as a health food as Barry Callebaut finalizes its EFSA 13.5 health claim linking cocoa flavanols to improved blood flow.

Scientists are also building a strong case linking cocoa flavanols to positive cognitive effects and cardiovascular health.

Outside chocolate, confectioners are turning to functional chewing gums and candies to reinvigorate mature markets or to cater to aging populations.

Which ingredients work? Which don't? And how will regulators react to confectionery marketed on a healthy platform?

We’re planning articles on six areas:

  1. Functional chewing gum ingredients
  2. A review of cocoa flavanol science
  3. Medicated confectionery ingredeints and trends
  4. Functional ingredients for chocolate
  5. Is there consumer demand for functional confectionery?
  6. Reducing fat in chocolate

We’re keen to hear about developments in the field, so if you feel you have something to contribute to the discussion on any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either post a comment below or contact the editor HERE.

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New Healthy Ice Cream - Oppo

Posted by Harry Thuillier,

This sounds like a very interesting series.

My brother and I have a start up called Oppo - a super nutrient ice cream with the taste and mouth feel of a traditional ice cream. We use ingredients such as cacao, xylitol and coconut oil.

We would be happy to contribute our findings on the role of functional ingredients in food categories that are usually only thought of in indulgent terms, and the emerging demand for more natural food.

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functional confectionery

Posted by andy,

I've seen a move towards botanicals and many people looking for natural healing ingredients such as manuka honey

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