Paxiom enters flow wrapping

Paxiom launches Sleek 60 Wrapper
Paxiom launches Sleek 60 Wrapper
The Paxiom Group has entered the flow wrapping industry having launched a machine capable of wrapping confectionery such as individual mints and chocolate bars.

The firm’s Sleek 60 Wrapper is made from 304 stainless steel and uses three servo motors and servo drives for quick and easy changeovers and adjustments.

The machine is capable of wrapping 60 packages a minute and can handle small packages to a minimum of 1 inch in width by 3.75 inches in height.

The Sleek 60 Wrapper is equipped with a dual conveyer and an adjustable forming shoulder for easy changeovers.

It supports polypropylene film, microperf material, multilayer laminated, co-extruded and foil films

Paxiom said that gas flush capabilities can be added for extended shelf life. More details are available on the suppliers’ website.

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