Mondelez’s Sour Patch Kids gets sugar-free gum makeover and wins analyst vote

By Oliver Nieburg

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Gum launch linked to established sugar confectionery brand has potential to reinvigorate ailing US gum sales, says analyst
Gum launch linked to established sugar confectionery brand has potential to reinvigorate ailing US gum sales, says analyst

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Mondelez International has launched its candy brand Sour Patch Kids as a gum product under its Stride portfolio – a deft move, according to an analyst.

Stride Sour Patch Kids gum will be sold in US stores from January 2014 in Redberry and Lime flavors at $1.29 for a single pack and $2.89 for a multi-pack.

A different tact

Marcia Mogelonsky, director of insight at market analysts Mintel told ConfectioneryNews: “Manufacturers are trying anything and everything to jump start the US gum market and there has been a dearth of introductions over the past little while.

“’New’ products have included some new seasonal (primarily Halloween) concepts, some flavor extensions (e.g. Shaun White Golden Fruit) and what seems to me to be a tired concept - the ‘ReMix’”

Gum makers tend to use the term “remix" to signal a new or improved flavor. For example, Mondelez has used the term for its Stride ID Winter Remix, while Wrigley is another perpetrator with its Orbit Spotlight Series Melon Remix.

“Linking to an established sugar confectionery brand is a different strategy - and could give way to other brands crossing from candy to gum, which would draw confectionery users into gum,”​ said Mogelonsky.

Perfetti Van Melle for example successfully made the transition from mints to gum with its Mentos brand.

‘Must deliver sweet and sour promise’

“It could work for Mondelez,”​ continued the analyst. “But only if the gum delivers on the same promise of sour and sweet. If it does not mimic the Sour Patch Kids sensation, which is quite distinctive, it will not do well.”

She added that leveraging the Sour Patch Kids concept will help the company attract children, teens and young adults, but would have no relevance for older consumers.

While the Sour Patch Kids gum is sugar-free, Mogelonsky said there was minor suspicion about sugar-free products among parents. However, she said it would not be a huge cause for concern.

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It's ok

Posted by Cori,

I love sour patch kids so I was excited when I saw the gum & glad it was sugar free. I tried the lime because I don't really like the red spk anyway. It is sour and tastes like spk but I'm not so sure it ever gets sweet. Just stays tasting limey.

I like it but it still has the sugar free after taste. It's a nice switch from mint or cinnamon gum and I hope they come out with Lemon and Orange too.

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