Open and shut case to add resealable feature to chocolate bars, says Printpack

By Oliver Nieburg

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Resealable chocolate bars give consumers a choice to portion control: Printpack
Resealable chocolate bars give consumers a choice to portion control: Printpack

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Manufacturers can empower consumers to portion control their confectionery consumption by adding a reseal feature to packaging, says Printpack.

The company has launched a reseal technology for flow wrap confectionery bars that it claims is the first without added technical complications such as adjustment to pack machinery.

Portion control

David Barnes, business development manager UK for Printpack told ConfectioneryNews that the firm’s  patent pending Full Access Reseal-It technology worked much like the  resealing function on baby wipes and was applied to the top of confectionery bar.

“It opens up choice to the consumer. The main reason for adopting it is portion control.”

He said that while the feature would in some cases double the cost of the packaging, the investment was worth it to encourage consumers to eat in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why not just fold the pack?

But couldn’t the consumer simply fold over the packaging and come back to the bar later?

Barnes said that folds in the packaging easily became unstuck, leaving the product exposed to air and contamination, whereas the Full Access Reseal-It would keep the bar protected.

The feature can be added to single serve products and flow wrapped bars up to 200 g.

“The bigger bars are better because you don’t eat it all in one portion,”​ said Barnes.

Better with laminate films

The technology can be added to any flow wrapper, but is easier to apply to a laminate film as a mono-web packaging film is more liable to tear rendering the reclose feature useless.

Barnes said that the Reseal-It could be added to packs without adjustment to existing processes.

Resealing chocolate: What’s on the market?

Mondelez International recently introduced a non-Printpack cold seal technology reclose feature for 45 g Cadbury Dairy Milk​ in the UK. It was met with a mixed repose on Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Facebook page.

“Reclose reclose who recloses chocolate for heaven’s sake?” ​said one user, while another said: “Resealable packaging is great for those of us who don’t make pigs of ourselves.”

Nestlé also recently introduced a resealable feature for a popular chocolate bar aimed at children.

Barnes talked up Printpack’s Reseal-It over other reclose features.

“It’s easier to use because it’s peel, fold and peel again. With others, sometimes you have to open the pack in a certain way to use the reclose function.”

 Printpack will exhibit the technology at the Packaging Innovations​ trade show in Birmingham, UK on 26-27 February 2014.

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