Perfetti Van Melle claims filled toffee lollipop first

By Oliver Nieburg

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Perfetti Van Melle files patent for depositing method to produce filled toffee lollipops
Perfetti Van Melle files patent for depositing method to produce filled toffee lollipops

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Perfetti Van Melle has filed a patent for what it claims are the first filled toffee lollipops produced through depositing.

The company says filled deposited toffees on a stick allow far larger toffee lollipops than present offerings.

In its patent filing, the company said that while toffee lollipops already existed, they were produced by moulding and it wasn’t possible to add a toffee filing without quality concerns.

Argentinean firm Arcor deposits its ‘Butter Toffees’ but these are not produced in lollipop form.

Mess-free toffee

“…The inclusion of a stick has the advantage that users do not soil their hands when the edible product is removed from the wrapping,” ​said Perfetti in its patent application.

Soft candies – also called toffee or taffy - are usually produced via moulding. For example, chocolate or compound filled toffees are marketed as eclairs and are produced using this method.

“Moulded toffees on a stick have been produced, but said manufacturing method does not allow the simultaneous insertion of a filling which is liquid at processing temperatures, such as chocolate, without giving rise to quality problems,”​ said Perfetti.

Increased weight

“Moreover, consumption does not necessarily have to be continuous, because the toffee can be inserted in and removed from the mouth as required, using the stick,” ​continued the company. “This means that lollipops weighing more than is usual for the moulded toffees on the market can be made, with a commercial advantage.”

The company said that lollipops on the market typically weighed below 7 g each, whereas Perfetti toffee lollipops would weigh between 10 g and 20 g each.

The firm added that the filled toffee lollipops provided a varied texture experience for consumers.

“This texture is similar to that of ordinary lollipops consisting of hard candy, known under the Chupa Chups brand. However, during consumption the toffee mass gradually develops a second soft texture, which allows the lollipop to be bitten and portions therefore detached during the subsequent consumption steps.”

WIPO Publication No.: WO/2015/007867
Published: 22.01.2015 Filed: 17.07.2014  
‘Lollipop and manufacturing process thereof’
Inventors: Perfetti Van Melle - Alessandro Bottini & Claudia Capelletti

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