Mondelēz, Nestlé, Mars and Lindt pledge to use 'sustainable cocoa' for Australian-made chocolate

By Oliver Nieburg

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Australia’s top chocolate makers commit to ‘sustainable’ cocoa for locally produced products. Photo: iStock - young84
Australia’s top chocolate makers commit to ‘sustainable’ cocoa for locally produced products. Photo: iStock - young84

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Australia’s leading chocolate companies such as Mondelēz, Nestlé, Mars and Lindt have all pledged to source only “sustainable” cocoa for domestically manufactured goods, says the Australian Industry Group.

It follows calls from NGOs World Vision, Stop the Traffik and Baptist World Aid for Australian companies to source cocoa via third-party verification bodies, such as Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.

The NGOs recently published a report  ‘A Matter of Taste – The Impact of Certification Systems’​, claiming ethical certification programs are the “most credible assurance against forced, child and trafficked labor”.

However, the NGOs note more than 2m children are currently working as laborers​ on West African cocoa farms despite the existence of certification.

Advocating against slavery

Head of the confectionery sector at the Australian Industry Group, Tim Piper, said:  “Some companies such as Nestlé have already moved to totally certified cocoa in their Australian retail chocolate products, while all other majors have committed to either full certification or sustainability and support in the near term.

“It is in the best interests of both the cocoa growers and their communities and the Australian chocolate industry for us to strongly advocate against slavery and to help create a long-term and successful cocoa growing industry” ​he said.

Company pledges

Nestlé already manufactures Australian-produced chocolate and beverages using 100% UTZ Certified cocoa.

Ferrero, Lindt and Mars hope to reach 100% ethically sourced cocoa for Australian-made products by 2020.

According to AI Group, Cadbury owner Mondelēz has also pledged all Australian-manufactured goods will use only sustainable cocoa. However, Mondelēz has not committed publicly to a deadline.

Haigh's Chocolates currently uses 80% UTZ Certified cocoa and hopes to reach 100% by 2018.

NGO report findings

The NGO-backed report concludes: “There is not much difference between the certifications when it comes to human trafficking prevention, identification and remediation. Each has excellent codes of practice and policy aligning with United Nations’ Protocols and International Standards.”

The report estimates the average Ivorian cocoa farmer earns $0.50 a day and $0.84 in Ghana. The World Bank revised the international poverty line to $1.90 a day in October last year.

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To be competitive and to be survived in the modern Chocolate and Confectionery market It has become acute need for Chocolate manufactures to use RSPO certified Fat for NCB Chocolates & use of sustainable Cocoa in their Cocoa Butter products,

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