Schur Flexibles: ‘Packaging that is pleasant to touch is becoming increasingly important’

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Schur Flexibles will showcase its SuperThin, Waxed and Paper Look packaigng at ProSweets. Pic: Schur Flexibles.
Schur Flexibles will showcase its SuperThin, Waxed and Paper Look packaigng at ProSweets. Pic: Schur Flexibles.
Consumers are attracted by products that are packaged in a way that promises sustainability or suggests a return to traditional materials, says Schur Flexibles Group.

Packaging that is pleasant to touch is increasingly becoming a decisive factor.

ProSweets 2017

The company will showcase its SuperThin, Waxed Paper and Paper Look packaging at ProSweets tradeshow, Cologne, Germany, (January 29-February 1). 

It claims its SuperThin range uses extremely thin materials leading to a lower packaging weight: one roll of SuperThin material results in up to 30% less material use.

The products in the SuperThin range are extremely thin yet boast a good machineability and are tear-resistant​,” said Dr Irene Pfundner, group marketing manager, Schur Flexibles.

In the aluminium area, these now include metallic films between 3 and 19µm that withstand folding or turning. They are ideal for packaging chocolate tablets, individual chocolates or hollow chocolate figures, for example​.”

She said that waxed paper packaging adds a trendy homemade look to sweets, and feels soft and pleasant to the touch.

Schur Flexibles Waxed Paper are based on a technology that uses natural, untreated wax to coat the paper, which is more biodegradable than paraffin-based products, for example​,” added Pfundner.

The base waxes can also be modified with polymers and additives to increase the shine of the paper's surface and to optimize its sealability. The material's wood fibre composites and surface sealants make it possible to refine the papers further​.

Sweet packaging made from Schur Flexibles wax-coated materials is easy to open and reseal, and can be printed on with up to eight colors​.

Sticky sweets

The paper surface is particularly hard-wearing and does not scratch. It’s perfect for packaging sticky sweets as the waxed paper makes them easy to take out of the pack​.”

She said ‘paper look’ packaging – meaning packaging films that feel and look like paper – are a real trend in the industry.

Consumers are attracted by products with packaging that looks like 'real paper'​,” added Pfundner.

The Schur Flexibles Paper Look range includes two or three layered paper-laminates. Various materials are combined using a solvent-free technique. It also meets all of the requirements with regard to barrier, gloss, durability and sealing properties to protect the product.

Schur Flexibles is based in Baden, Austria and has 13 locations across Europe.

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