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Buffalo milk chocolate & more: On-trend candy and chocolate NPD at ISM Cologne

By Oliver Nieburg

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Gin & tonic chocolate and sushi chocolate gift boxes among ConfectioneryNews' ISM picks
Gin & tonic chocolate and sushi chocolate gift boxes among ConfectioneryNews' ISM picks

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ConfectioneryNews selects seven product launches that tap into contemporary shopper demands, including chocolate containing cocoa fruit pulp and mints created by dentists.

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The international sweets and snacks fair ISM will take place in Cologne, Germany, from January 29 to February 1.

Last year’s event attracted 38,500 visitors, including buyers at supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers.

The global confectionery market is set for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) if 3.8% from fiscal year 2016 to 2020, according to market research firm NOVONOUS.

ConfectioneryNews has chosen  launches in ISM’s new product database to pinpoint products that may help contribute towards category growth.

Chocolate with fruit pulp: Virgin Cacao Chocolate

virgin cacao

German startup firm Trustfood began operations in 2014 selling its brands CHOCQLATE and CHOCQBAR.

It introduced a new premium SKU - Virgin Cacao Chocolate – under the CHOCQLATE brand in September last year, which will make its debut at ISM.

Virgin Cacao Chocolate contains cocoa fruit pulp and has a minimalist formulation of just five ingredients catering to consumer demands for simple products.

The lactose-free dark chocolate brand also contains visible inclusions on the surface of tablets, such as large sliced strawberries.

Trustfood  - Hall 05.2 Booth O011

Mints created by dentists: Dr Heff's Remarkable Mints

heff's mints

Sugar-free brand Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints was created by two British dentists.

The Toothfriendly International-certified brand is sweetened with xylitol and claims to clean and protect teeth while fighting bad breath.

The formulation is made up of green tea extract, xylitol, calcium phosphate and natural peppermint oil.

The GMO-free and caffeine-free brand was established by dentists Dr Mike Heffernan and Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn and is backed by studies at the Dental School of the University of Illinois, the University of Zurich and the University of Brighton, giving it a compelling backstory.

Dr. Heff’s  - Hall 04.2 Booth H015

Dietary biscuits in a milk carton: B-Live

blive joint

Spanish firm Arluy will introduce three mini-biscuit flavors under its B-live brand: a reduced fat version with sunflower oil, a sugarfree chocolate SKU and a sugarfree quinoa variant.

B-live is packaged in cartons supporting 250 g of mini-biscuits.

The chocolate version contacts UTZ cocoa, while the sugarfree SKUs are likely to appeal to consumers looking to cut back on sugar consumption.

Arulys – Hall 11.1 Booth B9

Buffalo milk chocolate – Augusto

augusto bufallo

Austrian-based Ruben's Chocolate claims it has created the world’s first chocolate made with bufallo milk, which it describes as “probably the creamiest chocolate in the world”.

The Augusto brand is sold in an 80 g bar in two flavors: Whole milk chocolate and bergamot almond praline.

Ruben’s Chocolate will also launch  a lactose-free milk chocolate tablet for the premium segment.

Ruben's Chocolate – Hall 11.2 Booth F039a

Sushi chocolate - Cosijns Chocolatier

sushi bento box mix

Belgian company Cosijns Chocolatier has created a pralines gift brand presented as a bento box.

Sushi Dessert Bento Mix is a premium product that includes marzipan wasabi leaves and chopsticks made of white chocolate.

Cosijns Chocolatier will also launch Chocolats au matcha, white chocolate squares with matcha powder packaged in a 100 g tube.

Cosijns Chocolatier - Hall 04.2 Booth P035

Indian origin chocolate - Chocolat Stella Bernrain         

india and togo

Swiss premium firm Chocolat Stella Bernrain will launch a 72% single origin tablet made with cocoa from India.

Cocoa is a relatively new crop to India having been introduced to the country by Cadbury in 1965.

It makes up just 0.4% of the global cocoa supply with an output of 16,000 metric tons in the 2013/14 cocoa year, according to the International Cocoa Association (ICCO).

The Fairtrade Chocolat Stella launch will add something different to the premium tablet segment. The company will also introduce a single origin chocolate with Togolese beans.

Chocolat Stella – Hall 04.2 Booth P035

Gin & tonic chocolate - Coco Chocolatier

gin and tonic choc

Scotland-based company Coco Chocolatier will debut its 80 g Gin and Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate Bar at the ISM.

The product contains aromatic Lemon & Lime oils and comes in elegant colorful packaging.

Bars are currently selling for £4.50 ($5.61) on the company’s online shop.

Coco Chocolatier – Hall 04.2 Booth H023

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