Storck makes big US push with Toffifay

By Oliver Nieburg

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White packaging rebrand sees Toffifay enter untapped affordable luxury segment in the US. Photo: Storck
White packaging rebrand sees Toffifay enter untapped affordable luxury segment in the US. Photo: Storck

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August Storck has repositioned its Toffifay brand in the US to appeal to female shoppers and hopes to compete in the affordable premium space.

The brand – created in Germany in 1973– has been on the US market since the Eighties.

Brand awareness

It maintains mainstream listings in Walmart and Walgreens, but hasn’t resonated as strongly as hoped with US consumers.

"It's not quite taken off in the US market... Aided brand awareness is below 20% today,”​ Kelly Cook, marketing director at Storck told ConfectioneryNews.

She said the brand’s ‘all-family' global positioning had struggled to prove attractive to American households.

toffifay four-piece
Four-piece pack to retail for around $1.19. Photo: Storck

The company has spent the last several years conducting market research and the brand has now been re-positioned as an indulgent treat for women, featuring new white packaging.

Everyday premium

"We found that the white had a more feminine feel to it,"​ said Cook.

The marketing director added the brand now had a unique positioning in between a mainstream everyday product and a premium confection.

"It's priced within the premium chocolate space - but we really believe it's this bridge between everyday brands,” ​she said.

Toffifay will come in a 12-piece pack for a suggested retail price of $2.49 and a four-piece pack for $1.19.

Target consumers are the 92m US women aged 25-49, who are family focussed.

The re-branding sees Toffifay become a priority for Storck in the US this year, rather than just another SKU in the portfolio.

Hazelnuts gain US recognition

Toffifay is a chewy caramel cup, containing a whole hazelnut, a hazelnut filling and a drop of chocolate.

Toffifee - SlayStorm
Toffifay – spelt Toffifee in the European market – had been positioned as an everyday family brand globally, but will now come in white packaging in the US. Europe will continue to use the orange packs. ©iStock/SlayStorm

Cook said: "In America over the past twenty years, hazelnuts are not so synonymous with American lifestyles as hazelnuts are in European countries.

"Where an American is more likely to enjoy a peanut product, hazelnuts are less common and less well known."

But, she said, hazelnuts were growing in popularity in the US, evidenced by Hershey’s recent Kisses Deluxe launch.

Storck plans a national TV ad for Toffifay to air from April. It has created a character it calls 'Mr Irresistible', which it describes as the playful voice of Toffifay, who will feature in the ad

Germany is the largest market for the brand along with other European markets. Products for the US will be produced at Storck’s existing factory in Berlin, Germany.

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New look toffifay

Posted by Nicole,

I like the new look but I decreased my buying because the price stayed the same, but the quantity went from 15 to 12 pieces. Rip off!

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Saw the commercial

Posted by Alan,

Well good news. Saw a great commercial for it that shows what is on the inside of the delicious treat. That's great. I hoping to now see more widespread distribution. I am in Maryland by the way.

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I agre with Frank 100%!

Posted by Sandy,

I'm a 40 yo female, their target demographic. My mom introduced these to me in the late 80s because I was curious about the shape of the candy. OMG it was heaven eating these things! But frank is correct THEY ARE SO HARD TO FIND!

RARELY I come across them in a 7-11 or Wawa (Philly convenience store), MAYBE a cvs but Walmart??? NO. If they were in Walmart, I'd have bought them recently. I have the hardest time finding these and every once in a while will remember them and start hunting for them. Why every once in a while? Because I haven't seen a SINGLE AD for them since the late 80s or early 90s! NOT ONE! Most people I've spoken to about these have never even heard of them!

I'm afraid this product will be pulled from the US because of poor sales, but poor sales would be the COMPANY'S fault NOT consumer demand! PLEASE I'm begging, advertise this like crazy because it really is a fantastic treat! Fererro Rocher has no problem selling their hazelnut wrapped candies (and they are wayyyyy more expensive) because they ACTUALLY ADVERTISE!

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