Processing and packaging highlights ProSweets 2018

Chili powdered gummies, premium look fold-wrappers and jelly testing equipment to debut at ProSweets 2018

By Jenny Eagle

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GEA to demonstrate its Aquarius FlexFormer XHC lollipop former at ProSweets. Picture: GEA.
GEA to demonstrate its Aquarius FlexFormer XHC lollipop former at ProSweets. Picture: GEA.

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From the fastest lollipop former from GEA to Bosch jelly testing equipment; Loschpack chocolate premium fold-wrap and tna chili powdered gummies; ConfectioneryNews previews some of the latest Processing & Packaging technology to be exhibited at ProSweets 2018.

Hastamat space-saving VMW for square and round cookies

Hastamat’s Vertical Multilane Wrapper (VMW) can package square and round sandwich cookies. (Hall 10.1, Stand G030 H039).


"The machine concept of the Vertical Multilane Wrapper brings together a grouping facility for piece goods and a vertical wrapping process,​" said Olaf Piepenbrock, executive partner, Hastamat's parent company Piepenbrock, based in Lahnau, Germany.

The design combines a horizontal packaging machine with a vertical machine to package products upright (on edge) and one above the other (on pile) on the same machine. It can be changed from one packaging format to the other within five minutes to cover a range of packaging sizes.

"The space-saving, compact design enables the machine to be used on production sites with limited space,​" added Piepenbrock.

Up to 500 cookies per minute are packaged per lane and the system can be expanded up to a total packaging output of 12,000 products per minute.

The Vertical Multilane Wrapper packages sandwich products non-cooled, saving on operating costs for a cooling tunnel said Piepenbrock.

The packaging lies close to the product as the product is fed with no format tube on a patented conveying system and packed with no product back-up.

Deutschen Verpackungsinstitut (DVI) (German Packaging Institute) honored the machine with the German Packaging Award in the "Engineering and Technology" category.

GEA hails Aquarius FlexFormer as the fastest lollipop former in its class


GEA will go all out to demonstrate how fast its machines run at ProSweets (Hall 10.1, Stand G-07) with its Aquarius FlexFormer Extra High Capacity (XHC) lollipop former; SmartPacker TwinTube C which breaks records for confectionery bagging and Aquarius individual lollipop CoatingLine, which forms, cools, coats and wraps lollipops.

The SmartPacker TwinTube C can produce up to 500 pillow bags per minute, and its product-in-seal detection system stops products getting stuck between the sealing jaws – an advantage for gummy candy.

GEA claims being able to produce smaller ‘snacking packs’ at high speed responds to the market trend where consumers are choosing smaller snack sizes to consume less calories.

The machine also produces long narrow bags for party mixes.

The latest addition to the Aquarius FlexFormer is the Extra High Capacity (XHC) version, which produces ball lollipops with diameters from 20mm-35mm with fillings of gum, chewy candy powders or pastes. The speed is from 1,900 lollipops per minute to 2,770 lollipops per minute depending on the diameter of the lollipop.

To prevent damages during sudden stops on the production line, the FlexFormer XHC has an automatic run empty machine feature.

This means, when the machine is stopped, the sugar rope will be cut and the machine will be automatically emptied. The latest safety feature includes continuous monitoring of the temperature in the forming set, the monitoring of the motor consumption, and monitoring of the systems pressure so that when the temperature gets too high or too low, the machine will automatically stop to prevent damage.

Bosch GML03 lab tests recipes for jelly production


Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase its testing equipment for jelly production, including medicated and functional gummies, such as cough lozenges, omega-3 and mineral-enriched products, and supplemented jellies.

It will display its laboratory depositor, which can test new products and tested recipes on an industrial scale.

The lab depositor will be equipped with a removable spraying unit for starchless automatic depositing and for processing and depositing of jelly candies it will show its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR.

Its portfolio includes raw material weighing and dosing, primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging. 

The GML03 lab can test jelly in smaller volumes for experimental or seasonal product sampling. It means manufacturers can upgrade current products and develop new recipes without disrupting their regular production processes.

With an exchangeable pump system and servo-controlled pistons, the lab depositor can produce jellies, hard candies, toffees, fondant and other confectionery masses, including single, one shot, striped and striped with filling.

Its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR for dissolving jelly masses, features a patent-pending heat recovery system used to preheat the mass, which offers up to 50% less energy consumption and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Loschpackpreserves chocolates in a premium fold wrap look


Packaging machine manufacturer LoeschPack will demonstrate its integrated packaging lines for chocolate, chewing gum, and confectionery (G030/H039 in hall 10.1).

CEO Thomas Cord will present its latest development in the area of hermetically sealed fold wrapping; the RCB-HS wrapping head machine, suitable for small chocolates, combining a hermetically sealed pack style with a traditional fold wrap appearance.

The RCB-HS packages chocolate bars, tablets and neapolitans in a new and innovative way, giving them a premium look and ensuring excellent product protection against environmental influences​,” said Cord.

The chocolate products are presented in a premium fold wrap look with an output of up to 600 products per minute.

The machine produces the fold wrap in one wrapping head and hot-seals the pack circumferentially.

Our conscious decision to dispense with glue to seal the packaging reduces soiling of the machine, minimises operating costs and simplifies machine operation​,” added Cord.

Another of its exhibits is the F-Series platform for packaging chocolate, wafers and chewing gum in flow packs.

Intelligent process engineering for the seal modules means fewer rejects when stopping and starting the packaging machine. The F-Series detects the existing product supply in the feeder, adjusting cycle speed and seal pressure to it.

From 2018, the technology will also be available for horizontal sealing. This will help our customers to boost machine efficiency and packaging quality to approach the optimum​,” said Cord.

LoeschPack is rounding off its exhibition at ProSweets 2018 with a presentation on all aspects of chewing gum including its automated technology for feeding chewing gum slabs into high-performance packaging systems.

tna debuts NID’s latest starch molder               


Since acquiring NID​ last year, tna now offers a complete line of confectionery machinery, from high-speed moguls, starch conditioning systems to oiling and sugar coating technology. 

NID’s M3000 integrated and automated feeder, starch buck, depositor and stacker can process single and multilayer starch-molded products, including gums, jellies, marshmallows, fondant creams, liquorice and crusted liqueur, as well as striped and centre-in-shell products. 

Its latest version of NID M3000 now comes with features, including an automatic starch gate, modular depositor frame and high speed turntable demolding. 

The global confectionery market is booming​,” said Mark Lozano, group sales manager, confectionery, tna. 

Across the word, people are looking for small bags of treats to help them momentarily escape their busy lives. In particular sugar confectioneries have become immensely popular in key growth markets like China, for example, where they now account for 60% of total confectionery sales. (Source: GlobalData).​”  

He added one of the main reasons behind this growth is the category’s potential to innovate. For example, gummies are flexible from a production standpoint where manufacturers can add another layer of flavour, texture, or sprinkle them with chili powder. 

Schubert sees success with Flowmodul flow-wrapper for confectionery

Schubert_ProSweets 2018

Schubert says it has seen success with its Flowmodul flow-wrapping component which can pack all types of snacks and confectionery in flow-packs.

At ProSweets, the company will be presenting a picker line with five F4 robots that place sandwich biscuits into the Flowmodul’s product infeed system which then packs them in flowpacks.

As well as biscuits the machine can pack chocolate bars, cakes and chocolate figures.

Another focus of the exhibition will be digitalisation.

In this context, Schubert will be illustrating its web-based platform, for monitoring and documenting machine data via a single user interface. By networking the TLM machines via this digital platform, Schubert can monitor machine performance and any deviations from target status, expanding its preventive service portfolio to avoid unplanned machine downtime.

ProSweets trade fair will be held in conjunction with ISM from January 28-31, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. ConfectioneryNews and BakeryandSnacks will be hosting two events in Speaker’s Corner at the show; ‘The power of plants in snacks and confectionery​’ (Sunday, January 28, 12noon) and ‘How to use lightweight packs & recyclable materials in confectionery​’ (Monday, January 29, 2pm)  Open to all.

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