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Sustainability, CBD, smart snacking and plant food are trends to watch in 2020

By Anthony Myers

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Smart snacking will one of the trends in 2020, according to Flavorchem. Pic: GettyImages
Smart snacking will one of the trends in 2020, according to Flavorchem. Pic: GettyImages

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A report published by Flavorchem expects new categories such as CBD and plant-based to increase in popularity as consumers demand heathier options in their grocery basket.

Sustainable consumption, supporting small businesses and getting closer to the brand will be chief concerns in 2020 and some of the major trends of the new decade, according to a report by Flavorchem, a leader in the manufacturing of flavor and color solutions in the confectionery industry.

Consumers will look for greater authenticity in their food options, with purchases ‘driven by a sense of community pride and eco-preservation’, the report stated.

Zero waste

As companies strive to follow a zero-waste approach by creating value from by-products, upcycling will become the new recycling with a greater focus on reducing packaging and developing sustainable alternatives.

Another main trend for 2020, which has already been creeping into confectionery, is CBD-based food. According to Forbes, the consumer CBD market is estimated to grow to $2.1bn by 2020 from $202m in 2015.

Smarter snacking has also been widespread in confectionery, particularly with younger consumers like the Gen-Z generation. There will be high demand for nutritious foods that are easy to prepare, convenient, portable, yet still indulgent, Flavorchem predicted.

Indulgent treats

It said indulgent treats will still play a role in relaxation and enjoyment, but in smaller portions and with better-for-you ingredients.

And expect to see more fruits and vegetables added to snack products with ‘single-serve packaging’ seen more in the refrigerated section of grocery stores.

Anu Fisher, marketing analyst at Flavorchem told ConfectioneryNews: "The trend for healthy ingredients in food and beverage products will not effect the confectionery and chocolate industry in 2020. Consumers will look for reduced sugar content substituted with bolder flavor combinations. Expect an increase of chocolate combined with adventurous and ‘good for you’ flavors such as citrus fruits, florals, nuts, and tea. Additionally the boom of cold brew coffee in 2019 will increase chocolate and coffee combinations in confectionery products​."

The last important trend of 2020 is the Plant-Based food, where innovation continues to flourish as a result of consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics, which ties into the broader consumer lifestyle trend towards cleaner living.

Our in-house analysts work closely with our flavorists to create flavors that represent the latest in trends and innovation. Our team has conducted extensive primary and secondary research to ensure our clients have the latest industry intel​,” said Laura Dembitzer, Flavorchem’s director of marketing and communications.

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