World’s largest chocolate companies rated on sustainability in new Easter Scorecard

By Anthony Myers

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Tony's Chocolonely has won this year's 'Golden Egg Award' for  good sustainability practices. Pic: Tony's Chocolonely
Tony's Chocolonely has won this year's 'Golden Egg Award' for good sustainability practices. Pic: Tony's Chocolonely

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International Advocacy Groups Publish Joint Consumer Purchasing Guide just in time for the Easter Holiday, with Dutch brand Tony’s Chocolonely coming out top.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s ethical credentials have been reinforced in the latest scorecard published by International Advocacy Groups - Mighty Earth, Green America, and Be Slavery Free.

While Tony’s Chocolonely receives the ‘Golden Egg Award’ for its efforts to reshape the industry, Belgian chocolate maker Godiva received a 'Rotten Egg Award' for its poor performance.

Environmental concerns

The group’s joint Easter scorecard​, published annually by Mighty Earth since 2018, analyzes efforts made by the world’s biggest chocolate companies to address social and environmental concerns.

Equipped with this scorecard, consumers can buy their Easter chocolates knowing whether their treats are likely tainted by deforestation and human rights abuses​,” said Mighty Earth senior campaign director Etelle Higonnet.

Consumers’ purchases highlight that we, at a time of global crisis, are all truly interconnected and that we are in this together​.”

The groups surveyed 13 chocolate companies and eight cocoa suppliers, examining their policies in six of the most pressing sustainability issues facing the chocolate industry: mandatory due diligence; transparency and traceability; deforestation and climate change; agroforestry; living income policies; and child labor, focusing primarily on child labor monitoring and remediation systems. The methodology used it published online and can be found here​.

Chocolate sales

Easter is the peak holiday for chocolate sales around the world, with a greater market share than Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween. However, poorer countries where cocoa is grown may not have the financial muscle to ride the pandemic out​.

Communities already suffering from malnutrition and low cash flow will be hard hit​,” said Fuzz Kitto, co-national director of Be Slavery Free in Australia. “It’s all the more reason for consumers to make a difference and buy chocolates from companies working to end environmental and labor abuses in the cocoa industry​.”

Rotten Egg Award 

Chocolate maker Godiva was given The Rotten Egg Award for rating poorly across the board. “In comparison to other chocolate brands, Godiva has made very little progress on social and environmental issues in the last few years​,” the report claimed.

Golden Egg Award

Tony’s Chocolonely, which sources from the same supplier as Godiva, earned the Golden Egg Award. After performing well in every category across the scorecard.

2020 is a big year in the chocolate sector, two decades since the world’s chocolate manufacturers signed the Harkin-ngel Protocol, an agreement to clean up the industry. Sadly, very little has changed​,” said Charlotte Tate, labor justice campaigns manager at Green America. 

Nonetheless, the industry is recognizing voluntary initiatives are not working and more companies are calling for government regulation. Businesses are recognizing that they cannot solve these issues alone and need greater government regulation​.”

A spokesperson for Tony's Chocolonely said: "Although we are very honored to be awarded with the 'golden egg', we believe the scorecard is not about winning. Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission is: only together, as an industry, we will make all chocolate 100% child labor and modern slavery free. Looking at the scorecard, we are glad to see some progress has been made in the industry, but we are not there yet. It should go way faster​."

ConfectioneryNews contacted Godiva but it had not responded to our request.

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