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Single origin chocolate and cocoa enters the mainstream

By Anthony Myers

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Single origin milk chocolate is popular with consumers. Pic: Barry Callebaut
Single origin milk chocolate is popular with consumers. Pic: Barry Callebaut

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According to research by Barry Callebaut in the US, UK, Japan, France, and Germany, 75% of consumers think that single origin chocolate is more premium and more sustainable compared to standard chocolate.

Consumers are looking for authentic experiences in their everyday life, including in their food. They are triggered by products that bring authentic stories because they perceive them as a trait of exclusivity and single origin chocolates are very much fitting that trend, the research revealed.

Origin chocolate is made from cocoa beans grown in a specific country, region or even a specific farm (estate). It is due to the climate and soil, together with the techniques of cacao farming and harvesting, that origin chocolates each own a signature flavour profile.

Certain countries or regions make beans with outstanding flavour profiles, which earn them the name ‘fine flavour’.

Why is origin important?

According to Barry Callebaut, consumers want to know who participated in the making of their favourite products. Where did it come from? Who was the farmer? They want to be reassured on the positive impact they have on people and the planet.

Disruptor companies such as Tony’s Chocolonely is a great example of transparency in the cocoa supply chain and how companies can address the challenges involved.

And upcoming brands like República del Cacao, which started in 2005 Ecuador, is gaining a reputation with consumers in Europe for its sustainable, locally produced, authentic Latin American chocolate.

Ecuador’s equatorial climate and rich, varied biodiversity provides the perfect conditions for growing cacao producing single origin chocolate with natural local ingredients.

The brand launched its consumer range in 2007 and professional range in 2014 and is now distributed globally and used by some of the world's best chefs. 


Single origin is also becoming news in mainstream media, with the UK’s Daily Telegraph writing: “True connoisseurs now like to pursue products that are not concocted from bought-in-bulk chocolate, but in which the whole process, from the grinding of the bean to the moulding of the bar, has occurred in one spot, under the care of one group of people: bean-to-bar chocolate​.”

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