National Candy Month data reveals chocolate still reigns supreme in the US

By Anthony Myers

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As American consumers finish celebrating National Candy Month a survey has revealed what type of confectionery hit the sweet spot in 2022, and how treats are enjoyed.

According to Shopkick, a leading shopping rewards app, brand-loyal consumers are purchasing between $5-$10 worth of chocolate a few times a month from their grocery store  - and 46% of consumers have a secret stash for their sweet treats.

In an online survey of over 15,000 confection-buying consumers, conducted from 12 June to 16 June, Shopkick discovered sweet insights into America’s candy preferences.

Its key insights include:

  • Loyalty Above All: Even amid overall wavering brand loyalty, nearly all consumers (90%) have pledged allegiance to their favourite candy brands.
  • Sugary Secrets: Turns out, 46% of consumers have a secret stash for their sweet treats.
  • Heart Full of Chocolate: Chocolate dominates as the favourite candy category among the majority of consumers (90%). Reese’s and M&M’s are tied for consumers’ favourite chocolate candy (57% respectively), followed by Hershey’s (48%) and Snickers and KitKats (47% each).
  • Spread the Love: For the consumers that do not reach for chocolate first, the next most sought category of candy is sweet (66%), followed by sour (38%), minty (28%) and spicy (11%).
  • Fan-Favourites: The top pick among consumers for sweet candy is Starburst (55%) followed closely by Skittles (53%). Consumers’ favourite sour candy is Sour Patch Kids (73%), their favourite minty candy is York Peppermint Patties (64%) and their favourite spicy candy is Hot Tamales (52%).
  • The Need for Sweets: While 87% of consumers buy candy to satisfy their sweet tooth, some crave it more than others. Other consumers buy candy a few times a month (36%), a few times a week (22%) and once a week (20%).
  • Cost of Confection: When it comes to how much consumers are willing to spend on sweet treats, about half of consumers (47%) plan to spend between $5 and $10. Other consumers plan to spend less than $5 (39%), between $11 and $20 (12%) and between $21 and $50 (2%).
  • Shopping For Sugary Goodness: Consumers are eager to fulfill their sugar fix, with the majority shopping in-store to do so. Ninety-three percent of consumers purchase candy at grocery stores, followed by candy and convenience stores (69%), events like movies and concerts (14%) and online and through subscription services (8%).
  • Candy Consumption Whereabouts: The majority of consumers' favourite place to enjoy their confectionary treats is from the comfort of their own home (89%). Other consumers snack on sugar while travelling in cars, airplanes, trains and boats (73%) and at the cinema or drive-in (34%).

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