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Survey shows confectionery consumers crave fruity flavours

By Linda Tomaselli

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Let's twist again: Candy companies can revitalise timeless classics with new flavours. Pic: Corbion/istock
Let's twist again: Candy companies can revitalise timeless classics with new flavours. Pic: Corbion/istock

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According to the most recent Corbion Consumer survey, the primary drivers for consumers of confectionery remain centered around flavour and reputable brands. In the realm of sugar confectionery, fruit flavours continue to hold sway as the top choice among consumers.

However, there's a notable surge in the popularity of inspired flavours from the chocolate market, extending their influence into sugar confectionery, including treats like cookies and pies. Vanilla and brown flavours have also been gaining traction[1]​.

Concurrently, fruit preferences are undergoing a noteworthy diversification, with options like refreshing citrus and sour pineapple enhancing product appeal. This diversification not only caters to varying tastes but also bolsters the overall product image. To engage and entice consumers, it is imperative for producers to concoct innovative flavours that pique curiosity and drive purchases.

Acidulants play an indispensable role in fruit-flavoured confectionery products, as they prevent these treats from being overly cloying and unpleasantly sweet. Achieving the perfect fruit flavour necessitates a delicate balancing act between sugar and acids, tailored to the unique characteristics of each fruit flavour. Today's confectionery lovers crave an array of elements, from innovative flavours to unexpected textures, and even sugar-free options.

At Corbion, our focus is on empowering confectionery producers to stay ahead of market trends by providing solutions that meet emerging consumer demands.

Our extensive portfolio caters to a range of hard and soft confectionery applications, supporting diverse product development endeavors. Whether the goal is to enhance nutritional value, optimize emulsification, or improve factors like shelf life, taste, and texture, we have the solutions.

The essence lies in the experience. Producers are exploring ways to revitalize timeless classics,  to create something unique, an experience that the consumer will remember and want to try again. That's why we've introduced our PURAC Powder MAX and PURAC Powder Max Fine – these innovative solutions enable the infusion of an extra flavor dimension into candies, woven within the layers or nestled in the filling, inviting consumers to unravel it one bite at a time.

  • Linda Tomaselli, Sr. is Marketing Manager EMEA, Corbion

[1]​ Innova Market Insights, Flavor Insider "Emerging Flavors in Sweet Packaged Foods" 2023

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