Corbion Purac


As one of the leading suppliers to the confectionery industry, the Corbion Purac portfolio includes innovative options for flavor enhancement, shelf life, texture/acid sanding and mineral fortification.
Our products are based on natural resources and are intended to help our customers bring delicious, differentiating and high quality confectionery to their consumers.
Our broad and versatile portfolio enables confectionery producers to enhance consumer flavor experience, improve shelf life and texture, and differentiate on nutritional profiles

Confectionery challenges

Flavor differentiation, product stability and shelf life are crucial factors in developing successful, new confectionery products. Different key consumer groups (children, adults, geographical spread) demand new and increasingly extreme flavor profiles of these products. Consumer loyalty is declining and the market is open to new, innovative, high quality confectionery products. Making the right choice of acid, buffers and functional ingredients is critical in this process.

Corbion Purac offers confectionery solutions for

• Increased flavor intensity
• Prevention of sugar inversion
• Minimizing gelatin breakdown
• Immediate sourness in sanded confectionery
• Mineral fortification

Our confectionery solutions:

• PURAC® BF is a buffered lactic acid, increasing stability of the products
• PURAC CL is a buffered blend of lactic acid and citric acid, increasing stability of the products
• PURAC LM is a buffered blend of lactic acid and malic acid, increasing stability of the products
• PURASAL® S is sodium lactate, enables buffering in batch processes
• PURAC Powder 55 and PURAC Powder 60 are lactic acid powders, developed for acid sanding of confectionery
• PURAC Powder MA is a uniquely coated, clean tasting malic acid powder, developed for acid sanding of confectionery

About Corbion Purac

With over 80 years of fermentation expertise and the use of natural raw materials to produce exceptional food and beverage ingredients, Corbion Purac has a wealth of expertise in the world of biobased food ingredients. 
Our extensive portfolio combined with leading expertise, application knowledge and technical service make us your food industry partner, helping solve food integrity issues by providing improvements in shelf life, freshness and food safety.

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