Editor’s picks: Our favorite articles of 2013

The stories we loved to write in 2013
The stories we loved to write in 2013

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Discover the articles we enjoyed writing the most and why in our picks of the year.

Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

When politics and chocolate collide. Annie-Rose picked her investigation into Russia’s temporary import ban on products from Ukrainian firm Roshen.

“Every journalist loves a good mystery and perhaps that is why I enjoyed delving into the Russian consumer protection authority's decision to ban all imports from Ukrainian chocolate firm Roshen,” she said. “There's nothing like an unreturned phone call to spur a reporter into action.

Catch up on her coverage of the saga HERE​ and to learn more about the toxic compound implicated in the ban see HERE.

Oliver Nieburg

“To keep farmers interested in cocoa, do you pay them more or teach them skills to keep their farms lucrative? The conflicting arguments put forth by UTZ Certified, Fairtrade and Mars on setting a minimum price for cocoa farmers made enjoyable writing. The topic was all the more pertinent given the looming cocoa shortage and rising consumers awareness of human rights on cocoa farms.”

Weigh in on the debate HERE. 

Kacey Culliney

As part of our March special edition on ‘High Speed and Flexible Candy Making’, Kacey spoke to some of the leading names in robotics including Bosch, FANUC Robotics and Cenfra to find out how the confectionery industry can benefit from robots.

‘Interviewing a part of the industry that is at the forefront of innovation was extremely inspiring. The complexities and subtleties behind robot design is incredible, and to think these machines could start to replace more and more human labor in the future is both fascinating and scary.”

Learn more HERE. 

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