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IT'SUGAR seeks to ‘bring the country together’ with Trump-shaped gummy

Specialty candy producer IT'SUGAR has launched Trump-shaped gummies at its retail stores across the US and via its website.

Trump gummies are made with 3D technology in China.  Photo: IT'SUGAR

Potential cocoa substitute: Jackfruit seeds create chocolate aroma, say researchers

Jackfruit seeds are a waste product that can be fermented, roasted and converted to flour imparting a chocolate aroma, according to research.

Health perception of chocolate drives sales in Japan: Euromonitor

The percieved health benefits of cocoa among Japanese consumers continues to drive the domestic chocolate market, according to a report by Euromonitor International.

This week Down Under

Cadbury vows to ‘secure' jobs while announcing 50 redundancies

Plus: David v Goliath breakfast cereal battle gears up for NZ High Court; and Cold chain industry body formed to cut through waste-reduction rhetoric.

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