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Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2014

Nutrition Capital Network takes venture to Vitafoods Geneva

By Shane Starling+

Last updated on 09-May-2014 at 16:54 GMT2014-05-09T16:54:01Z

Nutrition Capital Network takes venture to Vitafoods Geneva

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) chief Grant Ferrier took his capital-connecting nutrition venture to Vitafoods in Geneva this week.

The idea to join nutra SMEs with venture capitalists and larger players was born in the US in 2007. He tells us why Europe needs it too even though the fragmented European market carries particular challenges where capital ‘matchmaking’ is concerned.

“Our history in this industry was in realizing that there are so many small companies and so many opportunities but there were so few big companies with the money and the access that connecting them makes a lot of sense.”

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