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Arcor develops $6m gel-release sugar-free gum

Last updated on 24-Jan-2013 at 12:23 GMT

Arcor's Topline Fresh Gel gum
Arcor's Topline Fresh Gel gum

Argentinean confectioner Arcor has introduced a new sugar free gum that includes  a gel-release in a development costing $6m.

The new gum, Topline Fresh Gel, includes an added gel that allows multiple flavor releases. It is Arcor’s first sugarless gum featuring a gel.

The product combines Spearmint and Menthol with Watermelon-Citrus.

The new production took the company three years to develop.

“The production line of the new gum presents unprecedented technological advances worldwide that will be exploited also for future innovations [Translation],” said Arcor.

The firm plans to roll out Topline Fresh Gel in supermarkets, wholesalers, newsagents and supermarkets in Argentina.

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