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PureCircle establishing stevia’s sustainability early on

The supply chain for stevia is sound and sustainable, says PureCircle, which is communicating the ethical values behind its high purity Reb-A sweetener in keeping with the natural image.

Cocoa stakeholders agree sustainability action plan

Representatives of the cocoa industry from across the world have agreed on a framework to achieve a sustainable cocoa economy and plan to set up a sustainability fund to help...

Rainforest chewing gum could answer sustainable needs

In a break from artificial gum formulations, a consortium of Mexican co-operatives have used an organic gum base as the key natural ingredient for a new biodegradable gum set...

Sustainable design at the touch of a button?

A new web-based tool can reduce the environmental impact and costs of packaging for food and beverage companies, claims Envirowise.

Gum must be more sustainable, litter stats reveal

Gum makers must continue initiatives for a sustainable solution to gum litter, with new research finding discarded chewing gum makes up more than three-quarters of the litter found on UK...

Sustainability Roundtable to reduce green label overload

The priority of the new Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Roundtable is to reduce the confusing array of different labels and statements appearing on food packages but fostering agreement on...

EFSA health claim opinion

Chocolate does not help children to grow, says EFSA

An ambitious article 14 health claim dossier submitted by Italian-based Soremartec Italia S.r.l. Gruppo Ferrero that sought to link chocolate consumption and growth in children has drawn a negative opinion...

Cocoa foundation outlines sustainability goals

The World Cocoa Foundation is offering a guide to the cocoa industry on sustainability principles that focus on equitable profit, labour standards and environmental issues.

Barry Callebaut builds options for sustainable cocoa

Efforts this month under the sustainability mantle by leading pod-to-pallet cocoa player Barry Callebaut include a 250,000 tree-planting project in Tanzania, and a tripling of grindings in Ivory Coast.

Cocoa supply chain and sustainability headline African symposium

 With sustainability a buzz word for today's confectionery makers, a symposium that kicked off in Ghana today will attempt to get to grips with current issues impacting sustainability in Africa's...

Children less exposed to junk food advertising on TV, says DoH

 The UK Department of Health (DoH) says that measures taken to combat the promotion of junk food to children seem to be taking effect – at least in terms of...

Best practice for chocolate industry urgent, voices child labour watchdog

Herculean efforts are required by the global chocolate industry to ensure that sourced cocoa supplies are not linked to exploited or trafficked child labour, underlines labour watchdog International Labor Rights...

Value of sustainability to be studied as emissions cuts rewarded

As the UK's Carbon Trust initiates a scheme to reward companies for genuine carbon emission reduction, a new study will determine how influential a company's sustainability image is in terms...

Cargill focuses on sustainability with wheat processing plant

Cargill's new UK wheat processing plant is aimed at ensuring market competitiveness and sustainability by localising the production of wheat glucose for sweeteners.

ICCO places more focus on sustainable cocoa

Sustainable cocoa production and standards were the focus of the first meeting of a working group for the Roundtable on a Sustainable Cocoa Economy (RSCE), organised last month by the...

Ghana pledges sustainable cocoa push - report

The Ghanaian cocoa board is planning to significantly step up cocoa production in the country over the next three years in a nationwide shake-up of how the crop is farmed,...

Nestle, Bunge, Danisco join sustainability reporting group

Nestlé, Bunge, Danisco, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Tyson Foods are the first food processors to join a programme to develop global reporting standards on sustainability projects in the sector.

Industry outlines policy on environmental, production sustainability

In a policy document released yesterday, the EU's food and drink sector called on the European Commission to take account of economic conditions when setting environmental and production sustainability targets...

Cocoa companies pledge sustainability

World Food Day is galvanising global food companies to help support cocoa labourers, some of the poorest workers in the world, as more and more businesses are signing up to...

Chocolate companies team up on sustainable cocoa

Chocolate companies are uniting with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) to encourage sustainable cocoa production in West Africa and therefore strengthen the supply chain to Western manufacturers.

Cargill joins cocoa industry in fighting child labour

Food giant Cargill has committed itself to improving cocoa growing and production practices, including the eradication of child labour.

ICCO to discuss sustainability at Eurochocolate Modica

The world's cocoa suppliers are meeting in Italy this week to discuss sustainable production, an issue blighting the growth of the industry.

Weekly comment

No avoiding sustainable sourcing

Food companies do not yet face the ethical sourcing equation of the clothing industry, where brands from Nike to Marks & Spencer cannot afford a single claim of sweat-shop production....

Sustainable vanilla from India reaches Danisco stocks

Diversifying supplies and managing risk for the world's most expensive, and popular, natural flavour, for the first time ingredients giant Danisco receives a batch of sustainable organic vanilla from an...

New sustainable chocolate hits US shelves

A new chocolate bar which claims to be made from sustainable cocoa plantations was launched in New York late last month with high hopes of building on the growing awareness...

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