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Mondelez develops 3-D object for quicker flavor release in gum

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By Oliver Nieburg+

Last updated on 19-Aug-2013 at 13:01 GMT

3-D object made from the polymer polyethylene glycol can carry flavors for quicker release in gum, says Mondelez. Photo Credit: Flickr
3-D object made from the polymer polyethylene glycol can carry flavors for quicker release in gum, says Mondelez. Photo Credit: Flickr

Mondelez has filed a patent for a quicker way to release flavors and actives in chewing gum using a 3-D object made of polymers.

Gum companies hope to release flavors and active agents in gum within a few seconds of entering the mouths of consumers.

Current solutions not quick enough, says Mondelez

“One problem, however, with the delivery of such components in a chewing gum is that the gum base used to form the chewing gum has a tendency to trap components and restrict their release,” said Mondelez in its patent application, which was filed by Kraft Foods Global Brands.

Some solutions have included encapsulating the components or putting them in the out coating of the product.

“Each of these solutions, however, rely upon mastication of the product and do not provide an easy and rapid release of the component from the product,” continued Mondelez.

3-D object

The company has therefore created a 3-D object made from polymers to carry the flavors and active agents, which is placed in the core of the gum.

The 3-D object consists of a binder made from hydrophilic polymers and at least one deliverable component, such as flavors (menthol, cinnamon etc.), colors, sweeteners, actives and sensates such as breath freshening or herbal extracts.

Mondelez said that the preferred hydrophilic polymer was polyethylene glycol.

Object dissolves in the mouth

“Upon placement in the mouth, the [3-D] object begins to disintegrate in the presence of saliva, releasing the flavor and providing an initial, rapid sensation to the user,” said the patent application.

“As the product is consumed…the flavor is released from the core, thereby providing a continued and prolonged release of the flavor to the user.”

The application said that it did not matter whether the deliverable component was encapsulated or not.

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Interesting solution

I would be curious to learn you know the patent number...has it been published?

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Posted by Gary Smith
21 August 2013 | 16h24

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